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August 2014 Meeting: Let’s Swellegant!

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Our next meeting will be on August 9, 2014, from 1:30 to 4:30 at the Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center at the fairgrounds. This is our raffle month, so if you won something in the last raffle, bring some goodies for this one!

At this meeting, Angel Mance will explore Swellegant, a metal coating system brought to us by Christi Friesen. The process is achieved in multiple layers of the metal coating and patinas. Due to the nature of the product (drying time & time-sensitive patina application), Angel will provide each participant with a prepped polymer piece to try out the process. You will have a choice of either a heart pendant or a leaf. She has prepared samples showing the effect of the three patinas on all five of the metal coatings. Angel says she has had a ball with this stuff!!! The Swellegant products are being provided by Angel, but if you have Swellegant in your stash and want to bring it, that would be great.


  • Work surface
  • Paper towels
  • Wet wipes
  • Plastic gloves
  • Small box (to take your piece home in)

Optional Supplies:

  • Small fan & extension cord (only if you already have one)

NOTE: Construction is still likely on May Avenue next to the fairgrounds. Enter through Gate 5 further south on May, across from Forest Lumber. See this map for reference.