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January 2014

Minutes for January 2014 Meeting

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The meeting opened with Show and Tell.  Penni Jo showed a heart with a faux embroidery method, a tube bead with end caps and appliqued flowers, a pillow with eyelet lace, and a tufted heart box.  The tufted heart box was from the second Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay guild meeting that Angela taught.  Angela shared leaves she made from Christi Friesen’s Flourish book.  They were made from ultra-lite clay, carved and covered with a golden acrylic glaze.  Angel showed a Bottle of Hope covered with a foil technique, a polymer clay pen that her son sanded and a necklace.  Marlys displayed a darling sea otter covered with flocking sitting on an ice floe, also with a flocking finish.  Tom shared his Bottle of Hope decorated with an Egyptian theme.

Angel taught a cardiogram or razor wire cane.  We had lots of fun looking at each other’s color choices and watching the pattern appear as we cut away slices.

The business meeting began with Penni Jo making the motion and Jane seconding the approval of minutes.    All approved.

Connie is the guild’s new Vice-President and program chairman.  The following programs are planned:

February – Tom will teach the Damascus Ladder cane

March – Penni Jo will demonstrate how to use different tools; everyone is to bring a favorite tool and tell how you use it.

April is our annual retreat.

May – Nance will teach how to make faux opals.

It was agreed that Angela and Angel will share the secretary duties.  Angela gave the treasurer’s report.  We have 25 members, including 2 new members.  Dues are payable this month so there will be some fluctuation in next month’s membership report.

The guild library will purchase Helen Breil’s Shapes book.

Nance announced that the Bottles of Hope project has found a consistent supplier of bottles in Mercy Oncology.  She reminded the guild that bottles need to be geared to men and children also.  She asked for volunteers to take the sterilized bottles home to remove the labels.

We were reminded that guild teachers are given a $10 honorarium and up to $25 if they have receipts.  We agreed that you could teach another’s technique if you have their permission to do so.

Retreat business was discussed.  The web registration will be up tomorrow.  The discount code for members was announced.  The early bird fee is available until March 10th.  After that date, the full fee will apply.

Christi Friesen will be our guest artist.  She will be teaching an articulated mermaid and a panda with lily class.  She will also do some Make and Takes.  Syndee Holt will be Polyform’s representative at the retreat.

The program theme this year will be flora.  It was suggested that we add individual’s pictures to the program to help identify everyone.  Unfortunately, the program is already full.  We may try to do a separate sheet.

The motion was made and seconded that we have the church hire college students to help set up the fellowship hall after the retreat was finished.  This was approved by all.

The meeting closed with the raffle.  Connie, Tom, and Cheryl were winners.

Next month’s meeting will be held on February 15th rather than the 8th due to Affair of the Heart.  The meeting will be held from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm at the OKC Contemporary Art Center at the fairgrounds.

Minutes for December 2013 Meeting

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Tom opened the meeting.  There were 11 in attendance for our Christmas meeting.  We began with Show and Tell.  Connie told about her miniature nativity set.  She used another nativity set for the textures and Loctite gel control glue to hold it together.  She also showed an angel and a Bottle of Hope.  Kay showed a flower cross.  Both LeeAnn and Tom displayed their Bottles of Hope.  Penni Jo showed Christmas tree earrings.  Jane showed abstract buttons that she entered at the fair.  They were made from ultra-lite clay and decorated with transfers.  Jane said she was not sure that the clay was light enough for buttons.

The treasurer’s report was given.  We currently have 25 members.  We paid the deposit for Christi Friesen to teach at the retreat in April.  The guild’s annual dues of $24 dollars are due in January.  You can pay on-line with PayPal or pay at the January meeting with cash or check.

Jane showed several of her personal books.  She reviewed the Polymer Arts magazine.  She said it packed full of informational items.  The theme for the Polymer Café challenge is “Summertime.”  The deadline for submission is February 28.  We agreed to purchase a Helen Breil e-book.

January is the month that we vote on officers.  The positions are as follows:

President – conducts the meetings and sets the agenda

Vice-President – monthly program chairperson

Treasurer – keeps financial records and accepts orders

Secretary – keeps minutes of the meetings and uploads them to the website

Webmaster – assists in uploading items as needed and works with the retreat director in setting up on-line registration

Volunteer Positions include:

Librarian – store and bring the guild’s books, etc.; maintains the sign out sheet

Bottles of Hope – distributes Bottle of Hope to oncology centers; raises awareness about the project

Photographer – takes pictures at meetings and the retreat; posts pictures of same

We discussed the retreat on April 10-12.  Christi Friesen will be our guest artist this year.  She will be teaching a moveable mermaid and a panda with lily for her two classes.  She will be doing two Make ‘n Takes.

Syndee Holt will be Polyform’s representative at the retreat.  She will also do a Make ‘n Take.  This will take the place of one of the demonstrations.

Lisa Pavelka has agreed to be our guest artist in 2015.  Penni Jo has already requested the church for the 2015 date.

We agreed that bringing food in, rather than cooking on site, was very effective and made it easier for everyone.   Penni Jo has suggested that for an additional fee of $100 we have the church set the fellowship hall tables up after we are through on Saturday.  This was met with approval.  It was also suggested that we set up clean-up committees so that a few are not stuck with all the work.

We closed the meeting with a “Dirty Santa” exchange and enjoyed the snacks that were brought.

Our next meeting will be Saturday, January 11 at the Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center at the State Fair Park.  The meeting will be held from 1:30 to 4:30 pm.

January 2014 Meeting: Cardiogram/Razor Wire Technique

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cardiogramThis is raffle month and those bringing items are: Karen, Tom, Cindy, Connie, and Penni Jo.

Angel is our instructor this month, and she will teach a cane technique created by Pavlina, a lady she met via Facebook.

After seeing some of her polymer clay pieces, she asked Pavlina for permission to teach the cardiogram/razor wire technique at our guild meeting. Pavlina was excited to be asked and gave her permission!

She went on to tell Angel that she was new to polymer clay, and that she belonged to a guild in Bulgaria. Her only request was to post pictures of some of our color combinations.


  • 1 block light color
  • 1 block dark color
  • 1 block metallic color


  • Pasta machine
  • Work surface
  • Slicing blade or other slicing tool
  • Acrylic rod


  • Molds or shape cutters

Our meeting will be held January 11th from 1:30 to 4:30 at the Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center at the State Fair Park (3000 General Pershing Blvd.).

NOTE: There is ongoing construction on May Avenue next to the fairgrounds. Gate 3 (the one nearest to the arts center) is completely closed until at least January 2014. Use Gate 5 further to the south, across from Forest Lumber. See this map for reference.