Meeting Minutes

Minutes for January 2020 Meeting

President Betty Bolerjack called the meeting to order. We met at her house for our January meeting and nine members were in attendance. Lori, Kathy, Penni Jo, Connie, and Betty brought items for Show and Tell.

Tom brought some small bottles for us to cover for Bottles of Hope and some wonderful ones were made! You can see a video of some of those in progress on our Facebook page here.

The minutes for December were approved. Penni Jo made the motion and Lori seconded. Since our secretary was not able to be with us, Penni Jo agreed to take the minutes this month and was helped by Connie. Betty agreed to write them up. Team effort!

Shirley was not available to update us on the upcoming programs, but Betty had the information. Lee Ann will be showing us how to make vase molds at our February meeting and Betty will teach us how to make roses in March. Our retreat is in April. The new VP will set the programs after that.

Lee Ann gave the Treasurer’s report. We ended the year with 26 paid members. We have 11 who have paid for 2020. Several of those paid at the meeting.

Jane gave an update on the Guild Library. The 2019 Polymer Journeys has arrived. Organics is on the way.

New officers were elected for 2020. The members Betty had contacted about holding an office declined which left us without a ballot. After much discussion and cajoling, Penni Jo offered to be Vice President if someone would take the job of President which Connie volunteered to do. Kathy made the nominations official and Angel seconded. Connie and Penni Jo were unanimously elected. Katherine had thought she would be back and would continue as secretary. No one has heard from her, so it was decided to wait on a decision for the position of secretary until the February meeting.

The rubric for State Fair judging was discussed and it was decided that we will get together with Chris Crossland at the Retreat to hammer that out.

Because of changes in Betty’s circumstances with New Day Church, it was decided that we will continue to meet at her house until we find out something about the new Arts Center. Other options for a meeting place were discussed. The Yukon Library is always a backup, but we can’t have our ovens there. Connie has checked into the Will Rogers Garden Exhibition Building. There is a one-year waiting list to get a room there, but she will check into putting us on their list in case we can’t get back into the Arts Center. Betty will check to see what Bethany First Nazarene’s policy is for groups to meet there. Angel will check into the possibility of meeting at Tinker.

Tom addressed the need to work on the letters to request sponsors for donations for the Retreat. Angel has already contacted some. It was also discussed to get a UPS box at $30/month for the deliveries that will be arriving. Other options were discussed including deliveries to someone’s home who is home much of the time. Betty volunteered to use her address and it was agreed to by unanimous consent.

Betty showed the new website with the options for registering for Retreat. We will be using PayPal to process payments. Since we will be having to process payments for the rooms in addition to other Retreat items, we discussed whether we should charge extra to cover the PayPal fees. Penni Jo moved for the Guild to cover the fees and Angel seconded. Motion carried. Part of the issue with the website was not having the ability to put multiple options for the rooms in just two listings instead of needing to make a listing for each option, e.g. the number of people in a room. It would be $49/year for a plugin that will give the ability to choose how many in a room which will make it easier both for Betty and for those registering. Penni Jo moved to purchase the plugin. Connie seconded. Motion carried. It was decided that we would have a 30-day cutoff for the Early Bird price after we open Registration to the public. The member coupon will be good the entire time. Tom will send out emails to the members as soon as Betty can finish the website which will be within the next week.

Betty mentioned the need for a Publicity Person and offered to take on that job. She will set up a Facebook Group for the Guild, create events for meetings and the Retreat, and will do Lives from time to time to help promote the Guild. Connie will work with her on other ways to promote the Guild.

We held our bi-monthly drawing. Tom, Betty, and ?? provided bags. The winners were Angel, Connie, and Tom. They will need to bring bags for our next drawing in March.

Betty reminded everyone that has not paid their dues yet that they are due now.

Our next meeting will be on February 8, 2020, at Betty’s home.

Minutes for December 14, 2019 meeting

Minutes for the December 14, 2019 Meeting:

Called to order at 1:40 pm by President Betty Bolerjack

Nine members were in attendance.




Annual Christmas party took place in Betty Bolerjack’s home.  Thank you, Betty!



Minutes of the November 9, 2019 meeting were approved.  Roe volunteered to record the minutes today.

Program Schedule:

January —  Bottles of Hope

February —  LeeAnn  —  Vase Form Molds

March —  Betty  —  Roses

Treasurer  —  LeeAnn Kelley

Membership:  26 paid members

Treasurer’s report was approved and accepted.

Bottles of Hope  —  Tom will provide all the bottles needed for our January meeting.  Be thinking about ideas!

Betty gave a Bottle of Hope to a friend who was recently diagnosed with cancer.  Her friend was greatly encouraged by this small gesture.

Jane suggested that we consider providing Bottles of Hope to doctors and nurses who then in turn could pass them on directly to patients.

Librarian  —  Jane Linn:  Tenth Muse Art is closing this business (due to do health issues).  With the remaining subscription that we hold we decided to purchase a copy of,  “Polymer Art Projects Organic.”  This purchase will close out our subscription.

Party Planner:  Connie Farrell

Old Business:

Retreat:  Tom Gibson – Two volunteers are needed to review and make food selections from menus provided by the retreat staff for our upcoming event.  Betty, Jane, Connie and Roe have volunteered.  Menus will be reviewed and selections will be made in the next few months.

It is time to send out company sponsorship letters for the upcoming retreat.  There was discussion on what is the most effective way to solicit donations, sponsors and promotional items.  It was determined that a thorough review of previously targeted businesses should take place.  Tom will make sponsor lists available to some members for review in the hopes of possibly expanding this list.  Connie and Angel volunteered to mail out solicitation letters.

Domain:  Betty reported that the transfer of our domain is now complete.

New Business:



Betty needs nominations for upcoming officer elections for both President and Vice President positions.  Elections will take place at our January 2020 meeting.

No news on the construction status of the Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center.

There was discussion on the need to increase Guild membership.

Drawing:  There will be a drawing at our January meeting.  Drawing items should be provided by Betty, Tom and Roe (November meeting winners).

Inchies:  Next inchie swap will be January 2020.  Theme:  Winter.

Next Meeting:  Saturday, January 11, 2020, location TBA.

Submitted by Roe MacDurmon

Minutes for the November 9th meeting.

Minutes for the November 9, 2019 Meeting:

Called to order at 1:36 pm by President Betty Bolerjack

Seven members in attendance


Laura brought the cloisonné matchbox pendant she made at Penni Jo’s October 26 class.  LeeAnn brought a pretty cane and textured Bottles of Hope as well another that was sculpted into a walrus.  Betty brought silkscreen necklaces with matching earrings and treated us to a tour of her home studio.

The images are posted on our Facebook and Yahoo pages.

Yahoo page:

Facebook page:


Cheryl continued with part 2 of the “Covering a Glass Ornament with a Cane” class that she started at our October meeting.   We left with ready-to-bake retro ornaments.


Minutes of the October 12, 2019 meeting were approved after a motion by Cheryl and a second by LeeAnn.  Roe volunteered to record the minutes today.

Betty reminded us that officer elections for both President and Vice President are coming up.  Elections will take place at our January 2020 meeting.  We should all be thinking about these nominations as the end of the year wraps up.

Program Schedule:

December —  Christmas Party

January —  Bottles of Hope

February —  LeeAnn  —  Vase Forms

March —  Betty  —  TBD

Treasurer  —  LeeAnn Kelley

Membership:  26 paid members

Treasurer’s report was approved and accepted.

Librarian  —  Tom donated, “Making Miniature Flowers with Polymer Clay,” by Barbara Quast.

Party Planner:  All members are requested to send a note to Connie informing her of the food item they will be bringing to next month’s Christmas Party.

Old Business:

Retreat:  Tom Gibson —  Debbie Jackson will be our Retreat artist.  She will be teaching both a tie dye and mesmerizing metallic class.

Domain:  Betty reported that the transfer of our domain is now in process.

New Business:

The 2019 Christmas Party will be held at Betty Bolerjack’s home:  6712 Randi Road, Oklahoma City.

Announcements:  —  Excitement continues to build around this hybrid plastic/rubber polymer clay.

Drawing:  Bags brought by Connie, Tom and Cheryl were won by  Betty, Tom and Roe.

Inchies:  Next inchie swap will be January 2020.  Theme:  Winter.

Next Meeting:  Saturday, December 14, 2019 (Christmas Party at Betty Bolerjack’s home).

Minutes for the October 12, 2019 meeting

Number of attending           9 members

Number of visitors   _          1 visitor

Show and Tell:

Lots of goodies to see at show and tell this month. PJ showed the items being taught in her next class. Jane’s BOH was Faux Wedgwood, Connie had inchies and a BOHs with beautiful silk screened characteristics.  Betty blew us out of the water with her stencils for silk screening. She tested different materials and described how she worked with the materials and added the clay to bottles for BOH’s. She finished them with the use of varathane varnish.  To make a lid she used a piece of bamboo skewer to make the support for the lid. “Garden” screen set was used to make “Blossom” Pendant with earrings and bracelet. Folk Art set has focused on color and how it responds to light effects. Alizarin Crimson clay (2 parts) with Graphite Pearl (1 part) for some of her work. After watching the video Delgado Bracelet form using a can she described the technique that include staggered seams, etc. She showed how to ‘dome’ the bracelet.  Tom showed his Bottles of hope, one a “Sutton Slice” finish, One a sculpted dragon and on was silk screened. He showed the award winning Earrings from the door knockers in the movie “Labyrinth”.


Everyone made one large cane of contrasting values and Christmas colors which was extruded by the class teacher Cheryl Reich. The large extruded canes were stacked and every member went home with a large finished Retro Cane. Next month we will bring our cane back and Cheryl will show a technique to cover Christmas ornaments with the cane slices.

Business Meeting:

  1. Officers / Volunteers Reports:

Secretary –Approval of Meeting Notes for  Acceptance of Minutes of 9/14/19 moved, seconded and were approved


Vice President –  upcoming classes

Month:  Nov      Cheryl Reich ornaments  ~~ at Betty’s House

Month: Dec. Christmas Party Dec 14

Month: Jan   Bottles of Hope

Month   Feb Lee Ann Molds Class need glass.


Treasurer – Lee Ann Kelly

Membership:26 paid members


Bottles of Hope Coordinator Tom Gibson

Delivered BOH’s to both places and received a battered, torn and kind thank you note from, I think, the Toby Keith center. It was damaged in the mail but still got to us.  Tom says we have lost our source for bottles and does anyone know of a doctor or dentist, etc. that could collect bottles for us.


Librarian :  Jane Linn introduced our newest book: 2019 Polymer Journeys. Looks great!


Web Master :  Cheryl Reich

Betty reported that  the domain needed to be updated. Billy and Angela have graciously hosted the website all these years and we are grateful for their time and generosity.  Now Cheryl and Betty are working to update our website. Connie moved, Cheryl 2nd that we move our domain to site ground. a vote was taken and the motion was approved. Cheryl and Betty are working hard to make it easier for the membership to use the guild’s website.


Photographer:   Tom Gibson

            Everything going good.


Party Planner: Connie Farrell

Would like us to let her know what food we are thinking of bringing to the Christmas party please. Thank you.


Mail Support & Comfort: Connie Farrell

If you know of a sick or injured member, please let her know. She sends really sweet cards.


Old Business:

** Retreat: Tom Gibson


A vote was held and the teacher selected was Debbie Jackson. There was a three way tie for the classes. Sadly we can only have two.

Tom has received the contract from Canyon Camp and will be sending a check for $359.00 to the camp this week. He has reserved 25 rooms. In addition to the room costs we must pay to rent the sound & TV for $75.00/day. This will allow us to see and hear the teacher and announcements.

Other old business: The new building will not be ready until March. It is at 11th and Broadway off I-235 at 10th St exit.

State Fair Judge: We need to develop a more detailed sheet for the judge(s) to write on and give feedback to the entree. The judge needs to have a sheet for each entry for criteria of judging and to send back to the person who entered the item so that they might learn.

But before that, we need to have some classes in the elements and principles of art and design.


New Business:

Betty gave out maps to her house


Drawing next month ~~   Connie, Lori, Cheryl will bring gift.

Minutes for the September 2019 Meeting

September 14, 2019

Called to order at 1:37 pm by President Betty Bolerjack

7 members in attendance

Show and Tell:

Leann had cabochons she had covered with ice resin (a two part resin), Connie had bracelets made with copper wire and clay, Tom had made a giraffe bottle of hope and Betty had her finished Bead and Clay project from last month.

The images are posted on our Facebook and Yahoo pages

Yahoo pages

Our facebook page:

Program: Today’s program was presented by Lori Luli using stencils and silk screen on polymer clay.

Business Meeting:

Minutes of the August 10, 2019  meeting were approved after a Motion by Lori and a second by Leanne.  Laura volunteered to record the minutes today.

Program schedule for the following months was presented:

October – Cheryl Reich – Cane making

November – Cheryl Reich – Covering a glass ornament with a cane

December – Christmas Party

January 2020 – Making Bottles of Hope

February 2020 – Leanne Kelly – Vase mold

Treasurer – LeeAnn Kelley

Membership: 26 paid members

Treasurer’s report was approved after a motion by Laura and second by Tom.

Bottle of Hope CoordinatorTom Gibson reports we still need more Bottles of Hope

Librarian – there was a concern related to Polymer Studio due to the illness of Sage Bray.  It was noted that we had received the latest edition last month and Laura had returned it to the library today.

Laura shared a website called Curious Mondo which offers free live tutorials

Old Business:

 Retreat – Tom Gibson: Canyon Camp has been confirmed.  We have received 2 proposals.  Tom will post the proposals online and request previous retreat attendees to vote on which they prefer.  Motion by Laura and second by Kathi to authorize Tom to confirm with artist who is chosen by the poll.  Motion approved.  Will have artist set up by meeting in October.

Website:  Laura moved and Lori seconded to authorize Betty to move forward with Siteground for website host.  Will contract for 3 years at 3.95/month and $30 for transfer to the new site.


  • State Fair demonstration will be Sunday, 9/15/19, tomorrow. Betty passed out the Tickets and parking passes.  Demo is 2-6 pm.
  • Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center is now scheduled to open in March 2020. October and December we can meet in the church, but in November we will meet at Betty’s house.
  • Next inchie swap is in October

Drawing: Bags brought by Laura and Tom, drawings won by Connie and Lori.  Next drawing in November.

Inchies: next inchie swap is October.  Fall theme.

Next Meeting: October 12, 2019

Submitted by: Laura Clarkson

Minutes for the August 2019 meeting

Called to order at 1:32 pm by President Betty Bolerjack

8 members in attendance

Show and Tell:

The images are posted on our Facebook and Yahoo pages

Yahoo pages

Our facebook page:

Program: Today’s program was presented by Kathy Luli on Clay Lace Bead Embroidery

Business Meeting:

Minutes of the July 14, 2019  meeting were approved after a Motion by Lori and a second by Kathy.  Laura volunteered to record the minutes today.

Program schedule for the following months was presented:

September – Lori Luli – Silk Screening

October – Cheryl Reich – Cane making

November – Cheryl Reich – Covering a glass ornament with a cane

December – Christmas Party

January 2020 – Making Bottles of Hope

Treasurer – LeeAnn Kelley

Membership: 26 paid members

Treasurer’s report was approved after a motion by Tom and second by Jane

Bottle of Hope CoordinatorTom Gibson reports we still need more Bottles of Hope

Librarian – Jane Linn: Polymer Studio has been received

Old Business:

 Retreat – Tom Gibson:  Request for proposals have been put out, but no responses have been received as yet.  Date of the Retreat has been moved to April 17, 18 and 19 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).  It will be held at Canyon Camp in Hinton, Oklahoma.  Discussion occurred regarding whether to make the retreat all-inclusive this year, rather than separate the classes out of the retreat registration.  The venue makes it possible to accommodate everyone in the classes.  Betty’s husband has volunteered to provide transport from the airport to the venue for those flying to the retreat.

New Business:

       Elections are scheduled for January 2020

Photographer:  Tom asked for feedback on the slideshow format of the photographs.


  • State Fair Contest registration ends 8/15/19, with entries turned in by 9/7/19. The Fair demonstration will be Sunday, 9/15/19, this is the day after our next meeting.  Connie suggested someone to coordinate what needs to be brought to the fairgrounds.  No volunteer identified.  Suggestion was made to print business cards to hand out.  It was moved by Kathy and seconded by Connie to buy these.  Motion passed.
  • Next inchie swap is in October
  • Drawing will be in September. If you won in the last drawing, please remember to bring something for the drawing.
  • Next Meeting: September 14, 2019

Submitted by: Laura Clarkson

Minutes for the July 2019 Meeting

Minutes for July 13, 2019 meeting of COPCG

Betty, our Guild President, called the meeting to order. We had 9 members in attendance and 1 visitor. Betty kicked the meeting off with Show & Tell. Attending members brought bottles of hope, necklaces, earrings, purse hangers, pin, and bracelets for all to enjoy. Our visitor brought several pieces of jewelry, too. Then the June’s minutes were offered up. Cheryl moved to accept and LeeAnn seconded it; all approved the minutes.

Shirley, our VP, updated everyone on who would be teaching upcoming classes. August will be Kathy, teaching polymer clay lace with bead embroidery; September will be Lori, teaching silkscreen; October and November will be Cheryl teaching a class in cane making and a follow up class covering a glass Christmas ornament. December is our Christmas party. Shirley suggested our January class should be to create more Bottles of Hope. All present agreed with the idea.

Play Day in July:

Penni Jo is having a play day on Saturday, July 27th at the Senior Citizens Center in Maysville. Penni Jo will be teaching a class on how to make her eagle feather cane. It will be 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and the class will be FREE. If we can get at least 7 people to sign up; the Senior Citizens Center ladies will make the attendees a fabulous homemade meal for a modest charge. Remember to communicate using Slack-Local.

Library and Treasurer reports:

Jane, our Librarian, was unable to attend. LeeAnn offered up the Treasurer’s report; we have 26 paid members. Katherine moved to accept and Shirley seconded. All approved the Treasurer report.

Bottles of Hope:

Tom announced he would deliver Bottles of Hope to The Toby Keith Foundation Kids Korral and the Troy and Dollie Smith Wellness Center; possibly next week.


Tom have communication with several guest artist for Retreat 2020, but we are in the very early planning stage. More information will be forthcoming. Last meeting, Canyon Camp & Conference Center near Hinton, OK; was selected as the new location for Retreat 2020.

Old Business – Website:

Cheryl and Betty offered a brief discussion on selecting a new host for our website. Both individuals are highly knowledgeable and realize much needs to be considered before the selection process is completed. Betty and Cheryl will continue to review options.

The State Fair of Oklahoma is coming up in September and registrations to exhibit will be July 1 – August 15. If you are experiencing problems with the online form; it was suggested to call the phone number on the form and ask to speak to Nancy. The Guild will be hosting a demo on September 15, from 2:00 to 6:00 pm. Currently 10 members will participate at the demo. Please use Slack-Local to communicate with Betty if you would like to participate.

At the present time, the COPCG is without a permanent home. We will be meeting at New Day Church of the Nazarene in Bethany for the August and September meetings. Betty will follow up with New Day to see if the room is available for October through December. In appreciation for the use of the Church’s room, the members present decided to donate $40 per meeting. Lori moved and Cheryl seconded it. All present approved.

Today’s program:

Our guest artist was Betty, who taught us how to make floral earrings made with margarite beads (little polymer clay flowers with a single hole in the middle). They were fun chain earrings that include extra crystals for added sparkle.

New Secretary:

Laura suggested for the next few months, a different member take the minutes at each meeting. In January, a new secretary could be elected, if Katherine does not return as she plans.

Our meeting ended with our drawing. Laura, Cheryl, and Tom were our winners!

Submitted by Katherine Barnes, Secretary COPCG