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January 2013

Minutes for December 2012 Meeting

Lee Ann called the meeting to order.  A motion was made by Jane and a second by Penni Jo to approve the November minutes.  All were in favor.

Lee Ann announced the upcoming programs:

January: faux fossils taught by Lori

February: to be announced taught by Jane

March:  spring candle ring taught by Cheryl

Lisa suggested that we occasionally teach classes with a holiday theme.

The treasurers report was given.  We currently have 21 members.


Lee Ann announced next year’s guild officers.  They will be:

President – Tom

Secretary – Cheryl

Treasurer – Angela

Webmaster – Myra

Librarian – Jane

Assistant Librarian – Lee Ann

Bottles of Hope – Nance

Photographer – to be announced

Inchie swap – Lisa suggested that rather than doing an item swap every other month, we might consider doing an inchie swap.  We will think about this and decide at another meeting.

Membership Dues are payable in January.  The cost is $36 a year with discounts given for teaching a class or serving as an officer.  Angela will send out emails detailing each individual’s charge.

Library review was on the new issue of Polymer Cafe.  We discussed entering your items in their challenges.



Retreat Information – Penni Jo reported on the retreat.  The budget has been set for the food committee.  We will need folks to sign up to help set up and clean up after meals.  Marcia will do the inchie swap.  She will not require any funds.  Ruth will be in charge of decorating.  The guild voted to buy half of the needed table skirting now and bins for storage.  We will work on buying the rest of the table skirting next year.  Tom has ordered and received the ovens.  He is storing them until the retreat.  The guild needs to purchase 3 timers and 3 oven thermometers.  Lisa has received four replies of companies willing to sponsor the retreat by donating to the goodie bags or to the silent autions.

There is a members only discount for the retreat.  Email Cheryl at for information.  March 11 is the deadline for the early bird registration of $80.  The charge after that date will be $90.  The budget for the room rental, janitorial service, food costs and other items needed was discussed.

Feedback from last year’s retreat revealed that the reason it was successful was because it was friendly, our theme was carried through-out the event (including music at the entrance), we kept to the schedule, the food was good and there was a general sense of convenience.  Besides all that, we had FUN!  We will work on achieving those same things again this year.


This month’s program included each person bringing an item they made and sharing the techniques used.  We then swapped by playing “Dirty Santa”.  Penni Jo gave a demonstration of how to make darling Christmas tree earrings.


The next meeting will be held on January 9 from 1:30 to 4:30 at the City Arts Center on the fairgrounds.



CANCELLED: January 2013 Meeting: Faux Fossils

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Update 1/12/12: We are cancelling today’s meeting due to winter weather. Our apologies!

Well, here we are starting a new year already! May you be healthy and happy in 2013.

This month, Lori will be teaching us how to make fabulous faux fossils. She sent the supply list from memory while she was out of town. If she thinks of anything else, she’ll let us know.

Supply List

  • 1/2 to 1 block Bake & Bend. I will have some extras.
  • One or more leaves or leaf clusters. Smaller than the palm of your hand works best.
  • Flat cab base 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick (roundish or angular, whatever floats your boat), already baked — scrap clay is fine.
  • 1/2 block clay, black, ecru, or other rock color.
  • Dark color acrylic artist paint — black, browns… “dirt colors” — I will bring some.
  • Mica powder. I will bring some.


  • Pasta machine
  • Roller
  • Blades
  • Work surface
  • Paper towel or handi wipes
  • Water spritzer

Tips: Crunchy leaves probably won’t work. Silk leaves will probably add a fabric texture to your fossils. Thick stems don’t work well.

I think they have renamed the Bake & Bend — don’t know the new name. [Myra’s note: It’s called PolyFlex Bake & Bend on the Polyform website.]