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March 2017

Minutes for February 18, 2017

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Minutes recorded by Laura Clarkson

Number attending: 17
Number of visitors: 0

Show and Tell:

Bottles of Hope and Tom shared he is participating in a challenge at Katers Acre by making a Bottle of Hope weekly. Pictures are posted online.


Almond Eastland taught our class today on Mini Succulents.

Business Meeting

Officer/Volunteer Reports:

Secretary: Approval of January 2017 meeting minutes. Minutes were approved after motion by Wendi and Katherine seconded.

Vice-President: Jane gave report on upcoming meetings and teachers

  • March – Chris Crossland
  • April – Retreat
  • May – Betty Bolerjack (Artistic Wire)
  • Treasurer: Angela gave an update on the current balance. We currently have 24 paid members.

Bottles of Hope Coordinator: Wendi McKinnon is now the coordinator. Wendi reported she visited the Toby Keith Center and that it is a very nice facility.

Librarian: Jane Linn – reported the new book on wire working approved at the January meeting is now in the library.

Webmaster: Myra Cleveland – reports the retreat registration is now open.

Photographer: Tom Gibson – Tom continues to upload pictures of projects on the website.

Old Business:

Retreat – 25 have already registered. 19 have registered for both of the Klew classes. There are only 2 spots left in the Translucent class and 5 in the other class. Connie said she will provide salt scrub for the sinks again. Tom reported progress in sponsors.

New Business:

Discussed having an all-day class. If anyone would like to have a certain teacher for this let Angela know and give her the contact information.


Connie has greeting cards. If you know of any members who are ill, let Connie know.

Next drawing will be in March. Laura and Tom brought gift bags in January. The January winners were Connie and Angela.

Next inchie swap will be at the Retreat. Theme is Spring

March 2017 Meeting: Chili Pepper

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Our next guild meeting will be Saturday, March 11, 2017 from 1:30-4:30 p.m. in the Contemporary Arts Center at the fairgrounds. Our lesson will be different than announced at the last meeting – Deb Hart will be showing us how to make her adorable chili peppers!


  • Skinner blend – Shaped into block that is 3/4″ wide across the face. Something with dark on one end and light on the other (green, red, orange or whatever color you want). Deb used a fun purple blend in her tutorial that turned out very pretty. You can bring canes to embellish your chili pepper – like the cane we created for the owl earrings – otherwise, she’ll have some available for folks to use.
  • Canes for embellishment (optional)
  • A small amount of scrap clay
  • Poly Paste
  • Eye pins
  • Ear wires


  • Pasta machine
  • Clay blade
  • Ruler
  • X-acto knife
  • Wire cutter
  • Round nose pliers
  • Pin/needle tool/sharp sculpting tool

It’s not a complicated project, so folks should be able to make their Skinner blends at the meeting. Deb will also have a few blends along that she can make a slice and share with people – it doesn’t take much.

Deb will have a small abridged handout for everyone attending, but if you’d like to order a more detailed copy with instructions on the various canes she’ll be using, you can download a copy for $4. She’ll be putting it up on Etsy and on the written tutorial section of for $10, so she wanted to make it reasonable for anyone interested. She is still working on finishing the editing, but when it’s done we’ll get the link and share with the guild to order it.