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Guild Business

Clayers on the Move

We’re thrilled that our membership has soared in the past few months — so many more opportunities to learn new things from each other! But one of the first things we’ve learned is that we can’t comfortably fit 20 (or even 15) clayers in our old classroom. After lots of looking and deliberation, we’ve decided to make our move to a larger space.
Starting with our next meeting on July 14th, we will be meeting at the City Arts Center at the State Fair Park (3000 General Pershing Blvd, Oklahoma City). They have several large rooms available, all of which have plenty of space, good lighting, durable floors, and plenty of sturdy tables and chairs to accommodate our group. We liked Studio 2 the best, and hope to make it our main meeting room; however, we may be moved to other rooms, depending on what’s available on a particular day. We’ll post the current month’s meeting room on our website in the monthly meeting announcement.
It’s easiest to get to the City Arts Center off May Ave at the fair’s Gate #3 (most other gates stay closed). You can use this map to help find your way to the building. Once there, you can load in and out using the drive-through. For those of you carrying heavy items, they have large rolling carts available — just ask at the front desk. Their staff can also assist with any other questions you might have.
We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting!

Fun on the Safari: 2012 Twisters Retreat in Review

retreatphoto1.jpgThe tables and chairs may be all put away… but the excitement from the 2012 Twisters Retreat remains. We had 30 retreat attendees, 6 scheduled demos (plus countless impromptu ones), 2 Christi Friesen classes, and 3 days of fun. In fitting with our “Safari” theme, we had epic battles (in the Polyform-sponsored bead competition and the silent auction bidding), grazed on all sorts of goodies, and even learned some animal print canes!

Here’s what some of the attendees had to say:

  • “All 3 days were great, well organized, kept on time, good vendor presentation etc., etc., etc. I could go on beyond e-mail ability. In other words we had a GREAT time and will remember it all year.” – Julie
  • “The creative energy in that room just washed over me like a warm wave. I don’t get to work on my clay as much as I like because….well, because my life interferes! IF I have my way, next year, I will be at the retreat from “the opening bell” till the end because I was grieving just a little knowing all the information and creativity that I was missing this time. Thanks so much for your kindness to me…..I felt right at home.” – Chris

Check out these photos, plus lots more, in our Facebook photo album (we’d love it if you shared your favorite on our Facebook page, too!)



We want to say a special thanks to our sponsors for all the goodies they donated. We’d love for you to visit their websites and say thanks for their generosity.


Thanks, too, to all who attended and to those who spent so much time and effort making our retreat enjoyable. While the bags full of goodies and swapped inchies are nice souvenirs of our time on the safari, the real treasures are new friends, new ideas and memories that last forever.

Minutes for COPCG December 2011 Business Meeting

**December 10 2011**
**Introduce / welcome guests**
Shirley greeted visitors, newest member Kay and passed around the attendance sheet. Since it is Christmas time only 8 of our members were in attendance.
Shirley had a recent copy of USA today with a photo of artist Elise Winters in an article about breast cancer. From the black and white photo and the jewelry it looked like her . PJ said she would try to find out more and contacted the IPCA. Yes, it is our Elise.
**Show and Tell & Program:**
The show and tell / lesson was to bring an item to show and tell how we made it. Most brought something made using a lesson learned during the year.
Stacie, new to our polymer clay guild, brought a project started before joining. She told us that her home had only one tree. Every other tree was either killed or died so she made a decorative tree of polymer clay. As yet unfinished, the trunk and branches are sculpted, baked and antiqued. The tree has a sweet face and the branches have wires ready to add beads and or polymer clay leaves on to.
Tom brought a snowflake ornament made using the Angelina film. The polymer clay glitter covered ornament had spaces in the pattern where the Angelina film was applied. The film has a most magical feeling.
Nance showed several of her Christmas tree ornaments and jewelry that she has made through the years. One was a class she taught at guild a few years ago. The class included a lesson on how to make a leaf cane and then used the leaf cane slices to make the tree. After making the tree with leaf cane slices, decorative cane slices and tiny candy canes were added to make “ornaments”. One pin began with a tiny tree that she made. After baking it was molded so that many little tree pins could be made from it. These were also embellished with cane slices. A third tree was a clay tree with glass millefiori beads for ornaments. A fourth was a pendant with a tree decorated with sea shells on a mica shift background. Lovely Christmas tree jewelry. She also showed a wreath pin made of cane leaves and slices.
Kay showed an ornament made of a very large bottle cap that was embellished with a molded hummingbird, holly leaves and flowers. The background and the hummingbird were tinted with metallic green. She also showed a stunning three strand beaded necklace.
Lee Ann brought a beautiful snow lady wearing a delightful cape of quilt squares in soft green, deep green red, white etc. The border of the cape was wrapped using matching clay ‘ribbon’. Her sweet face was wrapped in the fur lined hood of the cape.
Jane showed a purchased tassel with the top wrapped with molded poinsettias. She made a darling clay ornament with a great sentiment on a white background, a twisted red, green and white border and the most darling, hand sculpted clay tools dangles. A stack of clay blocks, long tissue blades and a pasta machine!!! It was amazing in it’s detail. She finished the embroidery project started in class, a tiny house with great details on it. She finished it as an ornament by gluing it to a large glittery turquoise colored snowflake.
Penni Jo showed a Victorian style embroidered design that will go onto the face of a Badge Reel. Since the design had to be concave and curved, she showed step by step how to mold the plastic curved surface of the Reel, make a clay image of it, bake the clay image, cover with foil and then shape the final artwork over the baked, foil covered image. She made the design, baked it on the foil covered image and removed it after baking. The concave design can be glued to the front of the Badge Reel. She gave every member in attendance a Badge Reel. She also showed the finished heart pin/pendant that was used to show various stitches using the embroidery technique.
**Business Meeting: **
**1. Approval of Minutes:**
Minutes were emailed and posted on line. Jane moved to approve, Nance seconded, approved.
**2. Officers Reports:**
**Vice President ~Angela Upcoming Programs**
– January: Faux Bois (fake wood) by Lee Ann
– February: Layering and Imprinting by Shirley
– March: TBD
**Treasurer ~ Angela**
– Balance: both regular and retreat funds are in the account.
– Members:16
**BOH Report ~ Nance**
February and March, Nance plans to become more focused and to do some teaching. She will be sending the next group to the Norman Hospital Breast Cancer clinic.
Librarian ~ Jane**
The new book is in but she did not review it as Myra will be telling us about it.
**Old Business**
**1. Guild Retreat 2012 Penni Jo**
We covered the highlights of the retreat meeting. More detailed minutes from the meeting will be sent to members.
We have 16 donors to the goody bags.
We are one third full.
We will separate the goody bag stuff from the raffle/auction donations.
We are planning on 38 goody bags. Any left over bags to be raffled.
We’ve asked members to touch base with local businesses to see if the could donate to our guild or goody bags. One example is Lowes or Home Depot may have broken lots of ceramic tiles as they can be used as baking surfaces, heat sinks in small ovens etc.
Auto stores might donate sanding film for bead makers.
Perhaps we can ask if Hobby Lobby can donate anything?
Nance will donate a new rock tumbler for an auction/raffle item.
Nance will donate a new Sander for an auction/raffle item.
Ask if Polymer Clay Express .com would donate a dream machine. Angela reported that she has requested an auction/raffle item and has not heard back yet.
It was agreed that members would make at least two items to donate to the school for the secretary, pastor and office help. Any extras might be used if they have a bazaar or as prizes for the members.
The three toaster ovens have arrived and are at Jane’s house.
Attendees will be encouraged to bring snacks for themselves and or to share.
Tom and Kay will be the oven monitors chairpersons and will be in charge of the sign up sheet at the registration desk.
We will need two sign up sheets for Kitchen Duty and Oven Monitors at the registration table. Myra make the posters?
Nance will be compiling the program but will be traveling. Do NOT email her with information until after February 12th as she will not have access to her computer until then.
Members are encouraged to give Jane and or Ruth ideas for meals and food choices.
It was suggested that we let the attendees know if they have any dietary/food requirements. Peanut allergy and other allergies were mentioned. Should we ask Angela to add this line to the retreat page? Angela reported that this is already on the retreat info.
My most grateful thanks to the group for your willingness to jump in and help with the many, many things needing to be done for the retreat.
**New Business**
1. Slate of officers for January Election: (Thank everyone for stepping up!)
– Pres. Shirley Conaway (unless someone else volunteers)
– Vice Pres. – Lee Ann Kelly –
– Secretary – Cheryl Rains
– Treasurer – Angela Mabray
– Web Master – Angela Mabray
Any other nominations from the floor?
~~ Stacie Bebber volunteered to act as Web Master
**Slate of officers,** (cont’d):
**Volunteer Positions:**
– Photographer – Ruth and Stacie as a team. Both or either can take photos. Stacie can crop and PhotoShop photos as needed for the website and for the minutes.
– Bottles of Hope Coordinator – Nance can continue and needs medium sized bottles. She will be teaching classes on making Bottles Of Hope.
– Librarian – Jane will continue
– Librarian Helper – Lee Ann will continue.
Dues are due in January. Members will receive an email with amount owed.
None of record.
**Library Drawing for a new book ~~ Jane:**
Winning Title: Magazine Subscription for Polymer Arts Magazine.
Five members swapped this year.
– Kay got the embroidered pin by PJ
– Lee Ann got the Christmas tree pin with glass millefiori ornaments by Nance.
– Nance got Lee Ann’s snow lady.
– PJ got the ornament by Kay. (because she did not notice that Tom would be left with his own ornament. She feels very bad about this.)
– Tom kept his snowflake ornament saying that his wife wanted it.
No one really wanted to play dirty Santa.
**Next meeting:**
January 14, 2012
At Hobby Lobby in Moore.

Minutes for October 2011 Business Meeting

**Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild Meeting**
**Date: October 8, 2011**
**Introduce / welcome guests**
Our meeting began as Shirley welcomed everyone and began the meeting right away as we had a long program. The room was packed with 16 people in attendance including guests Pat Pearson, Kay McKinnis, Linda Krejsek, and Margaret Watsek.
Class Sample Penni Jo taught an embroidered pendant project (see left) using techniques from her ten page Original Booklet ~ Faux Ribbon Embroidery that was given to guild members a few months ago. A full color six page step by step tutorial was provided to make this faux embroidered pendant with faux wood hanger bar, twisted rope border, tiny molded tassels and molded tricolor tassel fringe. All of the techniques and basics taught were from the Faux Ribbon Embroidery booklet.
If a member does not have the larger, ten page booklet with nearly 200 photos you can write to Penni Jo at and ask for the pdf file. The pdf lesson file is also available to members the same way.
Please do not share the project sheet or the booklet as PJ is planning to have it published. If a non member wishes the pdf full Booklet, contact PJ about the price. Above right is the finished sample that she began in class to demonstrate some of the stitches and techniques learned while making the project
**Show and Tell:**
Pat had water color beads to show. She is a retired Air Force officer and has been playing in clay for a year.
If I have missed anyone’s show and tell, please let me know. It was a very, very busy time.
**Business Meeting**:
**1. Approval of Minutes:**
The following corrections were made.
1. The visions comment should read “Grady Craft alliance took over Vision Makers and sent an email to Shirley. The do not know when the next Visions Makers show will be.” You can get on the mailing list if desired.
2. Cheryl did not win in the September Raffle.
**2. Officers Reports**:
**Vice President -Angela**
– Nov: Myra – Pandora Beads.
– Dec: Annual ‘Share a project’ where members bring a project that they have learned in guild and share a bit about how the project was done. Those wishing to swap at the end may do so.
– Jan: Lee Ann TBA.
– Feb: Shirley – To be determined.
**Treasurer- Angela**
Balance: 722.84
Members: 15 members.
**BOH Report ~~ Nance**
Our beloved Nance will have surgery for cancer on Oct. 20 at Norman Regional.
**Librarian ~ Jane**
The new book is in and Jane reported on it. Polymer Clay: Creating Functional and Decorative Objects by Jacqueline Gikow. This book was chosen because the magazine article “Polymer Unlimited – 4 artists on the magic of polymer” chosen was no longer in print.
Jane pointed out some parts that she found interesting and reported that she was impressed and touched on some of the highlights in this very unusual book.
**Old Business?:**
1. Guild Report, PJ:
a. Retreat discussion notes and the following two subjects will be emailed to members.
b. Basecamp:
c. Vendors
2.. State Fair Demo:
1. Any improvements? Everyone liked the demo area this year.
2. Added categories? The following discussions were made.
a. Mixed Media with the primary focus of the item of clay. For example. Tom’s wonderful character dolls with sculpted faces and hands.
b. PJ asked if a “Display Only” Category could be added. Angela said she could check.
**New Business**:
1. We talked about finding a larger meeting room. A number of ideas were batted around. Members, if you have time and can, look in your area for a meeting place. PJ suggested we think outside the box as her brother-in-law’s club group met in the back of a furniture store. No charge.
2. Ruth brought up Recreation professionals. Hospitals, continuing educations CEU. Send works to them. If selected your work will be taught. $$
**Library Drawing for a new book ~~ Jane**:
Winning Title: it was decided to order the first issue of Polymer Art magazine to see if we like it.
**Swap or Raffle:**
Winners: Tom and Myra got each other’s swap. Myra’s was a beautiful Fall bracelet and Tom brought a fabulous visual pun.
Our theme was “Come on Fall!” Tom’s light switch cover featured an impatient squirrel’s hand outstretched under an Oak tree with one remaining acorn. “Come on, Fall!”
**Next meeting:**
**At Hobby Lobby in Moore.**
**November 12, 2011 1:30 to 4:30pm**

Minutes for COPCG September 2011 Business Meeting

**Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild Minutes**
Date: September 10, 2011
**Introduce / welcome guests**
Shirley welcomed our new members and visitors to our merry band of clayers.
Shirley introduced our new members and visitors to Bottles Of Hope, their history and purpose. Angela demonstrated step by step how the bottles are covered with clay. The following embellishments for the bottles were demonstrated by PJ.
Hope Blooms BOH Sample Bottles Of Hope Ministering Spirit Bottle Of Hope
– a. How to apply Lisa Palvelka’s foils to clay and create a sparkling effect using 60 grit coated sandpaper.
– b. How to make a skinner blend and then, for those who wanted to see how to use the skinner blend, how to make a leaf cane. The watchers all received a segment of the leaf cane.
**Show and Tell**
Myra, Sue, Stacie, a visitor; Jane, & Penni Jo brought Show and Tell this month. Due to the many things happening, your secretary did not get a list of each person’s show and tell. Shirley showed the magazine “Ornament” and the lovely polymer clay project inside. This magazine was included in the IPCA Retreat Goody bags. It was suggested that we contact Ornament magazine for our goody bags.
**NOTE:** Angela would like ideas of companies that we can contact for goodie bag items.
**Swap or Raffle**
(Treasurer Angela was not able to stay till the end of the meeting this month so the raffle was held early in the meeting.) As winners two months ago, Cheryl, Penni Jo, and Myra brought items for the raffle.
This month’s winners were: Angela (won Myra’s), Angel (won PJ’s), Cheryl (won Myra’s), our little visitor (won Sue’s) and Stacie (won Cheryl’s).
**Business Meeting**:
**1. Approval of Minutes:**
PJ announced that the minutes were on line and also e-mailed to all members previous to the meeting. Nance moved, Jane seconded, minutes were approved.
**2. Officers Reports**:
**Vice President – Monthly lessons -Angela**
– Oct: Penni Jo – Faux Ribbon Embroidery.
– Nov: Myra – Pandora Beads.
– Dec: Annual ‘Share a project’ where members bring a project that they have learned in guild and share a bit about how the project was done. Those wishing to swap at the end may do so.
– Jan: Open
– Feb: Shirley – To be determined.
**Treasurer- Angela**
Balance: $721.76
Members: 13 + 2 New makes 15 members.
**BOH Report – Nance**
Nance will be getting some more finished bottles soon.
**Librarian ~ Jane**
The new book, ‘Polymer Pizazz II’ came in with lots of categories. Christi has two articles in the book.
Jane also announced that the PolymerCafe challenge is ‘Just Jewelry’ and is due on Oct. 10. These dates are on our webpage along with the PCC challenges, so be sure to check it often.
**Old Business:**
**1. Guild 2012 Retreat**:
Penni Jo reported: Christi is coming!! Her attendance will appeal to out of towners.
Date April 19, 20 & 21 2012.
Classes/Demos: Christi will have two half day classes. One on Thurs & one on Friday.
There will be 6 demos.
A light continental style breakfast and cold lunch will be provided.
A write-up for the website is up. Be sure to check it out. Thanks so much Angela. [Great looking page](!
More links will be added as needed. Among them are:
1. Online electronic registration form
2. Tourist info for the greater Oklahoma City area
3. There will be a link to Christi’s site as she will be handling the class registrations on her site. We need to choose the two desired classes ASAP.
Cost of Retreat:
– Member cost will be $60.00
– Non member cost $75.00 for early bird registration (before March 24, 2012)
– Late registration: $85.00
To accept these numbers, it was moved by PJ and seconded by Sue and the prices for the retreat were approved.
The cost of renting tables was brought up and it was discovered that a number of members have tables that they can bring.
Stacie and Sue have trucks.
A theme was discussed and the following were suggested:
– Carnival in Rio
– Spring Fling
– Rodeo
– Safari
It was moved and seconded that our theme will be Safari. Myra will modify the colors of the poster to reflect this theme.
**2. Promoting our hobby:**
Shirley reported that Vision Makers will have 5 shows. Tulsa is not sure of a date for their new show.
**3. OK State Fair**.
Demonstration on Sunday 18, 2 to 6. Angela handed out the entry tickets to those that had signed up.
Shirley to bring the banner.
Quarter page flyers: Jane to get some printed.
Myra did a poster for the fair and will send the artwork to Bob Linn to be printed at Kinko’s.
Shirley asked for volunteers to do a phone follow-up for the people who sign up at the fair.
Angela will email, Shirley will phone.
Members were asked to bring some finished work to show, a clay project, tools etc.
Angela will bring the oven, mitts and a map.
**New Business:**
None of record.
**Library Drawing for a new book ~~ Jane**:
Winning Title: Polymer Unlimited – 4 artists on the magic of polymer.
Since the magazine with this article is unavailable our library selection was later changed to Polymer Clay: Creating Functional and Decorative Objects by Jacqueline Gikow,
**Next month’s swap theme**: 
Come On Fall!!
**Next meeting: October 8, 2011**
**1:30 to 4:30**
At Hobby Lobby in Moore Oklahoma

Bottles of Hope Program Featured on News9 Bottles of Hope VideoThe Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild’s participation in the Bottles of Hope program was featured on News9 This Morning (see Group Bottles Hope under Featured Videos).
Our group became actively involved with Bottles of Hope in March after local cancer survivor Cindy Matteson shared her story with us. Since then, we’ve created about 40 bottles (view some of them here). Some of the bottles were created in guild meetings, some in classes with community groups like the Newcomers, and many by group members working on their own at home.
Once we have 50-75 bottles, we plan to hold an event at a cancer treatment facility, where we can give these bottles to cancer patients and survivors.
If you have questions about Bottles of Hope, please contact us. If you would like to get involved, we welcome you to create and donate your own polymer clay-decorated Bottles of Hope. (Here’s more info on making Bottles of Hope.) And as always, feel free to visit one of our meetings to learn more about using polymer clay. We meet the second Saturday of every month at the Hobby Lobby in Norman.
Thanks to the group members and class participants who came out and made bottles, to Studio Mid-Del for hosting our bottle-making session, and to News 9 for the great story!

Meeting Time Change

We are an enthusiastic bunch and we love to clay. This seems to cause our meetings to run right to 5pm or a little over and causes an issue for the class that follows us at 5pm. In an attempt to eliminate being rushed toward the end of our meetings and running into the class that follows us, we have made a change in time. **We still meet on the second Saturday of the month and at the same place, but we will now be meeting at 1pm until 4pm.** All in all this solution should work out better for us and for the class that follows us.