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May 2011

June 2011 Meeting: A Gem of a Class

Nance Ross will be teaching us a “gem” of a lesson at this month’s meeting of the Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild. We will make two gems: Nance has samples of the real ones and demos of completed faux projects. It’s gonna be fun!
The meeting will be held Saturday, June 11, 2011, from 1:30-4:30, at the Hobby Lobby on I-35 and South 19th in Moore (2650 Service Road, Moore, OK 73160).
**Supplies needed:**
* **Two settings**: one round or oval, and one rectangular or square (rectangular works better). Hobby Lobby has them in the center of their findings display. They are also available at Michaels, and the Lisa Pavelka ones can be found in the clay department. You can even make your own settings, as long as they form a pan to hold the contents needed to make the finished product. (See photo examples of settings below.)
* **Sharp FINE needle** (make a handle!)
* **Clay in pearl, silver, or white, and black**: about 1 section of a block of each (can be scraps)
* **Mica powder in turquoise and gold** (Nance will have extra for people who don’t have it)
* **Translucent liquid clay** (Nance has some she will be happy to share)
* **Glitter in gold, turquoise, white** (all fine grind)
* **One container** for safely taking home any unfinished project
Besides your usual tools, if you have a heat gun, please bring it.
Here are two photos showing the settings needed for this meeting. The first shows the shapes; the second shows Hobby Lobby’s packaging. (Click images for larger view.)
Shapes Needed for Settings
Settings Packaging
**Swap Theme**
This month we’re also doing a swap with the theme “**How does your garden grow?**” Everyone who wishes to participate should bring one handmade item that fits with the theme.

Minutes for the May 2011 Business Meeting

Nine members and one guest were in attendance at our May meeting. Shirley welcomed Lori, our guest. She began the meeting with Show and Tell and our guest shared a fabulous clay project she had made and Shirley brought some beautiful polymer clay earrings she had bought by artist, Harriet Smith.
Sue brought us a program on making Kaleidoscope Canes. She showed us how by stacking various sizes of high color contrasting clay ‘snakes’, wrapping them, pressing, pulling, tugging, reducing, cutting, and pressing together we ended up with a design that you’d see if looking through a kaleidoscope. Sue made it seem so easy and effortless. Each person made a unique, amazing cane.
**Business Meeting**
The minutes were not read because they had been emailed earlier to members. Sue moved the March 2011 business meeting minutes be approved. Nance seconded the motion. The minutes were approved.
**Old Business**
* **Penni Jo’s Play-Day Retreat**: Shirley expressed everyone’s appreciation for Penni Jo’s hard work on the fabulous April Play Day that she organized, planned, hosted, and, except for a bit of help from Jane and Ruth, single handedly implemented. Penni Jo was in Florida to teach at the Polymer Clay “Fandango”, but we felt the need to publically express our gratitude.
* **Midwest City Library Display**: Shirley thanked everyone for participating and for all the work they put into the library display. Jane thanked Shirley for envisioning it, securing the date, gathering the fabric for the background of the display, and doing the vital pre-display work. Jane also shared some very positive feedback about the display. Shirley asked for any suggestions that we can use for future displays. The suggestion was made that we advertise the display on our website. Also the display brought up the need for members to be mindful of get names and email addresses of those who show an interest in our guild so that we could invite them to a couple of our meetings.
* **Flickr Photos**: Shirley asked Angela how we can get pictures added to our Flickr site since several people expressed difficulties with posting guild-related photos. Angela offered to set up an easier option and email instructions to the group.
* **VHS Tapes**: Angela indicated we have yet to receive information on the two free used VHS from International Polymer Clay Guild. There may be none left, but she will continue to check.
**New Business**
* **Next Play-Day Retreat**: Jane, in Penni Jo’s absence, reported that Penni Jo would like for us to be thinking about next year’s play day. She feels we need a steering committee and since we anticipate having more time at next month’s meeting, she hopes we will be thinking how we would like to be a part of the planning and organizing of it.
* **State Fair Competition**: We agreed that we would not add any new divisions this year, and for clarity the guidelines for entries would read, “The primary decorative elements of the piece must be at least 60% polymer clay. (Items used to support the polymer clay are not included in the 60% requirement.)”
* **Upcoming Guild programs**:
* June: “A Gem of a Lesson” with Nance.
* July: Lesson to be announced with Jane
* August: Mixed Media with April
* **Treasurer’s Report**:
* Balance: $760.34
* 10 members
**Library Drawing**
This month’s library addition is a subscription to “From Polymer to Art” magazine. *[Note: After researching the (high) costs of this subscription, the group later agreed by email to order just one issue at this time.]*
Winners of the raffle were Sue, Jane, Nance, and Shirley.
**Swap Theme**
June’s swap theme: “How does your garden grow?” Anyone wishing to participate in the swap should create one project using the theme and bring it to June’s guild meeting.

May 2011 Meeting: Kaleidoscope Canes with Sue

We are very lucky to have been able to reschedule our February meeting with Sue McCarrell. She will be teaching the group her take on making kaleidoscope canes (or “Kali” canes for short) at this month’s meeting of the Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild.
The meeting will be held Saturday, May 14, 2011, from 1:30-4:30, at the Hobby Lobby on I-35 and South 19th in Moore (2650 Service Road, Moore, OK 73160).
**Supplies needed:**
* **Pre-made canes**. Sue will demonstrate how to make some basic canes for newbies or for folks who need a refresher. But if you already have a few prepared canes, such as bullseye canes or Skinner blend jelly roll canes, bring them to use as the basis for your kaleidoscope canes. (If you’re new to clay, keep in mind that firmer brands of clay work better for cane-making.)
* **Clay** in nice contrasting colors to your canes.
* **Pasta machine**
* **Clay blade or knife**
As with all of our meetings, beginners are welcome, and we’re happy to share any supplies you don’t currently have.
This month we’ll hold a raffle, with March’s winners (Sue, Connie & Myra) supplying the prizes. Be sure to bring your $$ for a chance to win some goodies!

April Happenings: Library Display & Retreat

April was an exciting month for the Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild. We were able to share some of our work in our first-ever library display, plus we held our first (hopefully first of many!) polymer clay retreat.
* Check out these posts from new member Myra Cleveland for photos of our display at the Midwest City Library.
* And don’t miss Myra’a and (gracious hostess) Penni Jo’s write-ups about the oh-so-fun retreat.
Exciting times for our group!