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July 7, 2010

Minutes of Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild meeting held June 12, 2010

Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild Meeting - June 12, 2010

Our meeting began as usual with members visiting with each other while setting up for the meeting.

1. Introduce-welcome guests We had no visitors for guild but interested folks came in while cleaning up including an artist named Doris. She may be back.

2. Show and Tell Angela showed some fabulous items from her book, plant sticks and reviewed jewelry stuff from Michael’s, Premo kits, findings for clay at about $10.00 & new Premo products. Sue showed some more of her fabulous jewelry including some great faux wood. Shirley cautioned us about the cutter edge of a waxed paper box and displayed a bandaged finger. Penni Jo showed her faux Ribbon Embroidery samples. I forget if Lee Ann had a show and tell, but I think so. If I don’t write it down, it didn’t happen it seems.

3. Program: We made a royal mess on the tables as we ripped and tore color pages from every kind of magazine that there is. Lee Ann left with a wonderful collage of “her” colors that everyone said was just “her”. The color lesson was from the book “Polymer Clay Color Inspirations”. Next month we will make a necklace project from the book using the colors we love.

Penni Jo talked about the importance of Value and color selection. We will like our projects and finished products better if they reflect our true color selection with good values.

4.Old Business: Minutes were read and approved. State Fair, : We will do the demo on Saturday Sept 19th from 1-5?. Sign up for the fair can be done starting July 1st through Aug 14 on line or at the fair grounds. July 31st can be a play day for us to work on fair projects.

5.New Business: A. Penni Jo asked if we could plan a very simple retreat and have a two day event where we could learn, share and grow. Something to think about. Makin’s will send samples for an event or guild special event. Successes: PJ has been asked to make a project for the Makin’s website and has been tapped to teach at 2011 Fandango. B. Christi Fresien will be teaching in Kansas City. See Angela for more details. C. Alberquerque workshops

  1. Lindley Haunan Saturday Sept 26, $200.00.
  2. Jana Roberts Benzon April 2&3 2011
  3. Heather Campbell ?Faux Batik? Oct 2011
  4. Sarah Shriver Summer 2011 D. PolymerCafe Challenge Winter White E. Angela has an article in next (current) PolymerCafe on tools.

6. V.P. Report (upcoming lessons): July- Penni Jo will teach the necklace from the book “Polymer Clay Color Inspirations”. Her class has been moved to November. Aug - Air dry clay Nance Sept - Pillow beads - Jane Oct - Faux Enamel & Faux Cloisonne - Angela Nov. - Carving — Angela

7. Treasurer’s Report ~~ Angela Balance $612.55 Members 10

*8. BOH Report ~~ Nance * Not in attendance.

9. Librarian Report ~~ Jane: Jane reviewed the new color book. Excellent info and color collections. * 10. Drawing for a new book ~~ Jane:* New DVD “Poly Clay Treasures”

*11A. June swap: *No one but PJ had any pairs so she kept her pear earrings.

11. Raffle Winners to bring items: Nance, Lee Ann & Jane: * Next meeting July 10 at the Hobby Lobby in Moore 1:00 to 4:00 pm *

July 10, 2010 Meeting-Pinch Petal Color Necklace

Hi Clayers! It meeting time again! Our Next meeting will be held *Saturday July 10, 2010 at 1:00 *at the new *Hobby Lobby store -2650 S Service Rd, Moore, OK- (405) 912-8100. *

We have a change of plans afoot for this meeting. Angela was scheduled to teach her carving technique this month, but since time ran out and Penni Jo was unable to teach the pinched petal color necklace , she will be teaching it this month and Angela will teach carving in October. The meeting schedules will be as follows:

July-Pinched Petal Color Necklace-Penni Jo

August-Air dry clay flowers-Nance

September-Pillow Beads-Jane


November-Faux Enamel & Faux Cloisonne-Angela

The supply list is as follow:

2 oz. yellow clay

1 oz. magenta clay

1 oz. blue clay

2 oz. white clay

3 oz. black clay

Pin tool

Acrylic rod or brayer

36 inches of bead-stringing cord (heavy-duty upholstery thread or waxed linen thread)


fast-drying superglue

Card stock to fold for bead tray

If you have other colors you would like to use to make the necklace, please bring those instead and if you have a question about what colors to bring, Penni Jo has graciously agreed to answer any questions by e-mail. (pennijo@pennibears.com).

(If you don’t have these supplies-don’t panic! Come! We’ll have a great time together and we’ll have enough supplies).

This month is raffle month. The winners of the May raffle were Lee Ann, Nance, and Jane. Winners, should bring something for this month’s raffle and everyone bring an item for it as well as a book suggestion for our awesome library.

Also, everyone who finished their collage, or created new ones after the last meeting, please bring them for show and tell. We’d all love to see them!