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November 2011

November 2011 Meeting: Pandora-Style Beads

Beads by Myra.jpgThis month, **Myra Cleveland** has generously offered to teach us how to make **Pandora-Style Beads**. Myra, who joined our group earlier this year, blogs at Clay Harmony and sells her work on Artfire. We’re eager to learn how she makes these beautiful beads!
Our meeting will be held **Saturday, November 12, 2011, from 1:30-4:30**, at the Hobby Lobby on I-35 and South 19th in Moore (2650 Service Road, Moore, OK 73160).
**Supplies to bring:**
– Scrap clay (for practice beads)
– Clay in desired colors (including translucent, if desired) – Kato is best
– Small cutters (to make multiple beads of the same size)
– Piece of clear Plexiglas or plastic (the front of a CD cover is perfect)
– Sculpey Etch ‘n’ Pearl tool (large or medium size)
– Small canes to decorate beads (optional)
**Myra will provide:**
– Grommets/eyelets (2 per bead). Myra has generously offered to provide each person with 10 grommets, enough to make five beads, and will have more available for sale at the meeting. She will also have snake chain bracelets, silver spacer beads, and charms for sale, so people can leave the class with all the parts needed for a complete bracelet, if they wish.
Bracelet by Myra**Raffle**
This month we’ll be holding a raffle, so bring a few extra dollars if you want to participate. September’s winners (Angela, Angel, and Stacie) will be supplying the prizes.
**Retreat Meeting**
We’ll hold a planning meeting for our 2012 Retreat before the guild meeting from 12:20-1:10. Since the Hobby Lobby classroom will be occupied during that time, we’ll be meeting at a little restaurant called “Sunny Side Up.” It is east of I-35 on the south side of 19th street, behind the shopping center where Hobby Lobby is.

Minutes for October 2011 Business Meeting

**Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild Meeting**
**Date: October 8, 2011**
**Introduce / welcome guests**
Our meeting began as Shirley welcomed everyone and began the meeting right away as we had a long program. The room was packed with 16 people in attendance including guests Pat Pearson, Kay McKinnis, Linda Krejsek, and Margaret Watsek.
Class Sample Penni Jo taught an embroidered pendant project (see left) using techniques from her ten page Original Booklet ~ Faux Ribbon Embroidery that was given to guild members a few months ago. A full color six page step by step tutorial was provided to make this faux embroidered pendant with faux wood hanger bar, twisted rope border, tiny molded tassels and molded tricolor tassel fringe. All of the techniques and basics taught were from the Faux Ribbon Embroidery booklet.
If a member does not have the larger, ten page booklet with nearly 200 photos you can write to Penni Jo at and ask for the pdf file. The pdf lesson file is also available to members the same way.
Please do not share the project sheet or the booklet as PJ is planning to have it published. If a non member wishes the pdf full Booklet, contact PJ about the price. Above right is the finished sample that she began in class to demonstrate some of the stitches and techniques learned while making the project
**Show and Tell:**
Pat had water color beads to show. She is a retired Air Force officer and has been playing in clay for a year.
If I have missed anyone’s show and tell, please let me know. It was a very, very busy time.
**Business Meeting**:
**1. Approval of Minutes:**
The following corrections were made.
1. The visions comment should read “Grady Craft alliance took over Vision Makers and sent an email to Shirley. The do not know when the next Visions Makers show will be.” You can get on the mailing list if desired.
2. Cheryl did not win in the September Raffle.
**2. Officers Reports**:
**Vice President -Angela**
– Nov: Myra – Pandora Beads.
– Dec: Annual ‘Share a project’ where members bring a project that they have learned in guild and share a bit about how the project was done. Those wishing to swap at the end may do so.
– Jan: Lee Ann TBA.
– Feb: Shirley – To be determined.
**Treasurer- Angela**
Balance: 722.84
Members: 15 members.
**BOH Report ~~ Nance**
Our beloved Nance will have surgery for cancer on Oct. 20 at Norman Regional.
**Librarian ~ Jane**
The new book is in and Jane reported on it. Polymer Clay: Creating Functional and Decorative Objects by Jacqueline Gikow. This book was chosen because the magazine article “Polymer Unlimited – 4 artists on the magic of polymer” chosen was no longer in print.
Jane pointed out some parts that she found interesting and reported that she was impressed and touched on some of the highlights in this very unusual book.
**Old Business?:**
1. Guild Report, PJ:
a. Retreat discussion notes and the following two subjects will be emailed to members.
b. Basecamp:
c. Vendors
2.. State Fair Demo:
1. Any improvements? Everyone liked the demo area this year.
2. Added categories? The following discussions were made.
a. Mixed Media with the primary focus of the item of clay. For example. Tom’s wonderful character dolls with sculpted faces and hands.
b. PJ asked if a “Display Only” Category could be added. Angela said she could check.
**New Business**:
1. We talked about finding a larger meeting room. A number of ideas were batted around. Members, if you have time and can, look in your area for a meeting place. PJ suggested we think outside the box as her brother-in-law’s club group met in the back of a furniture store. No charge.
2. Ruth brought up Recreation professionals. Hospitals, continuing educations CEU. Send works to them. If selected your work will be taught. $$
**Library Drawing for a new book ~~ Jane**:
Winning Title: it was decided to order the first issue of Polymer Art magazine to see if we like it.
**Swap or Raffle:**
Winners: Tom and Myra got each other’s swap. Myra’s was a beautiful Fall bracelet and Tom brought a fabulous visual pun.
Our theme was “Come on Fall!” Tom’s light switch cover featured an impatient squirrel’s hand outstretched under an Oak tree with one remaining acorn. “Come on, Fall!”
**Next meeting:**
**At Hobby Lobby in Moore.**
**November 12, 2011 1:30 to 4:30pm**