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October 2011

Minutes for COPCG September 2011 Business Meeting

**Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild Minutes**
Date: September 10, 2011
**Introduce / welcome guests**
Shirley welcomed our new members and visitors to our merry band of clayers.
Shirley introduced our new members and visitors to Bottles Of Hope, their history and purpose. Angela demonstrated step by step how the bottles are covered with clay. The following embellishments for the bottles were demonstrated by PJ.
Hope Blooms BOH Sample Bottles Of Hope Ministering Spirit Bottle Of Hope
– a. How to apply Lisa Palvelka’s foils to clay and create a sparkling effect using 60 grit coated sandpaper.
– b. How to make a skinner blend and then, for those who wanted to see how to use the skinner blend, how to make a leaf cane. The watchers all received a segment of the leaf cane.
**Show and Tell**
Myra, Sue, Stacie, a visitor; Jane, & Penni Jo brought Show and Tell this month. Due to the many things happening, your secretary did not get a list of each person’s show and tell. Shirley showed the magazine “Ornament” and the lovely polymer clay project inside. This magazine was included in the IPCA Retreat Goody bags. It was suggested that we contact Ornament magazine for our goody bags.
**NOTE:** Angela would like ideas of companies that we can contact for goodie bag items.
**Swap or Raffle**
(Treasurer Angela was not able to stay till the end of the meeting this month so the raffle was held early in the meeting.) As winners two months ago, Cheryl, Penni Jo, and Myra brought items for the raffle.
This month’s winners were: Angela (won Myra’s), Angel (won PJ’s), Cheryl (won Myra’s), our little visitor (won Sue’s) and Stacie (won Cheryl’s).
**Business Meeting**:
**1. Approval of Minutes:**
PJ announced that the minutes were on line and also e-mailed to all members previous to the meeting. Nance moved, Jane seconded, minutes were approved.
**2. Officers Reports**:
**Vice President – Monthly lessons -Angela**
– Oct: Penni Jo – Faux Ribbon Embroidery.
– Nov: Myra – Pandora Beads.
– Dec: Annual ‘Share a project’ where members bring a project that they have learned in guild and share a bit about how the project was done. Those wishing to swap at the end may do so.
– Jan: Open
– Feb: Shirley – To be determined.
**Treasurer- Angela**
Balance: $721.76
Members: 13 + 2 New makes 15 members.
**BOH Report – Nance**
Nance will be getting some more finished bottles soon.
**Librarian ~ Jane**
The new book, ‘Polymer Pizazz II’ came in with lots of categories. Christi has two articles in the book.
Jane also announced that the PolymerCafe challenge is ‘Just Jewelry’ and is due on Oct. 10. These dates are on our webpage along with the PCC challenges, so be sure to check it often.
**Old Business:**
**1. Guild 2012 Retreat**:
Penni Jo reported: Christi is coming!! Her attendance will appeal to out of towners.
Date April 19, 20 & 21 2012.
Classes/Demos: Christi will have two half day classes. One on Thurs & one on Friday.
There will be 6 demos.
A light continental style breakfast and cold lunch will be provided.
A write-up for the website is up. Be sure to check it out. Thanks so much Angela. [Great looking page](!
More links will be added as needed. Among them are:
1. Online electronic registration form
2. Tourist info for the greater Oklahoma City area
3. There will be a link to Christi’s site as she will be handling the class registrations on her site. We need to choose the two desired classes ASAP.
Cost of Retreat:
– Member cost will be $60.00
– Non member cost $75.00 for early bird registration (before March 24, 2012)
– Late registration: $85.00
To accept these numbers, it was moved by PJ and seconded by Sue and the prices for the retreat were approved.
The cost of renting tables was brought up and it was discovered that a number of members have tables that they can bring.
Stacie and Sue have trucks.
A theme was discussed and the following were suggested:
– Carnival in Rio
– Spring Fling
– Rodeo
– Safari
It was moved and seconded that our theme will be Safari. Myra will modify the colors of the poster to reflect this theme.
**2. Promoting our hobby:**
Shirley reported that Vision Makers will have 5 shows. Tulsa is not sure of a date for their new show.
**3. OK State Fair**.
Demonstration on Sunday 18, 2 to 6. Angela handed out the entry tickets to those that had signed up.
Shirley to bring the banner.
Quarter page flyers: Jane to get some printed.
Myra did a poster for the fair and will send the artwork to Bob Linn to be printed at Kinko’s.
Shirley asked for volunteers to do a phone follow-up for the people who sign up at the fair.
Angela will email, Shirley will phone.
Members were asked to bring some finished work to show, a clay project, tools etc.
Angela will bring the oven, mitts and a map.
**New Business:**
None of record.
**Library Drawing for a new book ~~ Jane**:
Winning Title: Polymer Unlimited – 4 artists on the magic of polymer.
Since the magazine with this article is unavailable our library selection was later changed to Polymer Clay: Creating Functional and Decorative Objects by Jacqueline Gikow,
**Next month’s swap theme**: 
Come On Fall!!
**Next meeting: October 8, 2011**
**1:30 to 4:30**
At Hobby Lobby in Moore Oklahoma