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August 2008

August 2008 Meeting Notes

Six members and two guests were present for our August meeting. Shirley led us in using two techniques to create ink jet transfers. Each transfer became a “tile” which can be used to make an elasticized bracelet. The instruction handout is available as a pdf file. Here is a link. InkJet Transfer Handout [PDF]
Future meetings are scheduled as follows:

**August 30:** Play Day

**September 13:** Mokume Gane with Nance

**October 11:** Translucent Layering with Jane

**November 8:** Open

**November 29:** Play Day

**December 13:** Open
Angela volunteered to lead a Christmas-themed project for our November meeting.
She will try to reserve our Hobby Lobby meeting room for the August 30th play day.
In the **business** portion of our meeting, we discussed:
**Bottles of Hope Project:** Coordinator Nance announced that she now has about 30 bottles ready to donate to cancer patients. She requested that members help by e-mailing her some messages of hope that she could place inside the bottles.
TV News9, which taped some of our members making the bottles in July, has postponed airing the segment until a planned interview for the story can be completed. They will call Angela when it is set to air.
We discussed possible places for our first Bottles of Hope donation event. Angela will contact our project liaisson, Cindy Matteson, for recommendations.
**Treasurer’s Report:** Angela reported that we have a balance of $388.97, and our members currently number 13.
**New Business:**
**Bottles of Hope Challenge:** The theme of this year’s national BOH challenge is “A Message of Hope.” The deadline for sending entries is December 15. For more information, contact Angela.
**Munro Crafts Order:** Jane reminded everyone who wishes to add items to her order to send her their lists, as she plans to place the order on Monday, the 11th. Items will be discounted fifty percent because of the size of the order.
**Holocaust Children’s Memorial Butterflies:** Nance talked about a request for handmade butterflies to be displayed at a memorial to the children of the Holocaust in Texas. She gave specifications for the butterflies and will make information available through our web site.
**Meeting space:** With our recent increased attendance, our present meeting space is becoming too crowded. Angela asked members for ideas for new meeting places. We discussed various possibilities. Nance will check with a place in Midwest City.
**Swap with Tulsa Guild:** Angela announced that the Tulsa Guild has chosen vessels as the theme of our inter-guild swap. She sent around a sign-up sheet for those who wish to participate. TheTulsa group has 6 members.
**August Swap:** Several people brought items for the birthday-themed swap. Jane’s item was birthday brownies, and she even allowed those of us who didn’t bring a swap item to have one!
Angela asked for new ideas for the themes of our bi-monthly swaps. Our theme for the October swap will “Harvest”, and for December, “Angels.”
Reminder: Next month, instead of a swap, we will hold a raffle. July winners will provide the raffle items.
**Library Drawing:** As there were no nominations for the library drawing, we decided to postpone our August drawing until the September meeting.
**Show and Tell:** What a creative group! Several members brought beautiful items they had made.

August Meeting: Ink Jet Transfers

Ink Jet Transfer Sample by ShirleyShirley will be teaching August’s lesson on **Ink Jet Transfers**. We will be transferring two ink-jet-printed images to polymer clay, then creating two small “tiles” which can be used in elasticized tile bracelets. Each tile will use a different technique, resulting in a slightly different look. One technique will result in a transfer with bright, clear colors, and the other will yield an image that is a bit yellowed, giving it an aged look. There are many types of images that would make a nice bracelet: copyright-free artistic designs; old prints or drawings; photos of children, grandchildren, or ancestors; fragments of maps; and vacation mementos. Lots of colorful design images will be provided for you to use, but for those who wish to use their own images, an e-mail message outlining options will follow.
– **When:** Saturday, August 9, 2008, 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.
– **Where:** The new Hobby Lobby in Norman, 2417 W. Main, Norman, OK. (The classroom is up front, near the check out stands. Go right after entering & it’s the first door on the right.)
– **What to Bring:**
– One-half ounce of white polymer clay (Shirley has used Kato and Premo with good results.)
– One-half ounce of translucent polymer clay (Will be rolled to the thinnest setting, so if you have a favorite brand that works well at this thickness, do use it.)
– One pkg. of black polymer clay
– One-half ounce of scrap clay
– Liquid polymer clay
– Elasticized bead cord (black)
– Brass tube, knitting needle, or some device about 1/8 inch diameter, or wide enough to measure a space through your tile big enough to accommodate a knot in your bead cord.
– Clay blade
– Pasta machine
– Needle tool
– Scissors for cutting thin slabs of cured clay
– Bone folder, stiff credit card, or plastic spoon for burnishing image on clay
– Tile(s) for baking surface
– Waxed paper, baby wipes, etc. for clean work surface
– Also helpful: Grid paper or a gridded cutting mat
Note on clay brands: Since the process involves several steps of re-baking, Shirley recommends using only clays with similar baking temperatures on one tile. Additional materials needed to finish the bracelet at home will be listed in the instruction handout.
**REMINDER** – We will be having a swap this meeting. Since our group seems to have a lot of August “babies,” our swap theme is birthdays. Think cake, babies, age, party hats, or any other festive birthday-themed items. To participate, bring one item. In exchange, you’ll receive one item from another swap participant.