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July 2016

Minutes for July 2016 Meeting

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Minutes recorded by Deborah

There were 16 members at our JULY 9, 2016 meeting. There were lots of show and tell items. Check out the pictures on our Facebook page.  Many great prizes were won at our drawing.

Inches will be swapped four times a year.  Next time in October meeting with a Fall theme.  

AUGUST meeting – Tom will be teaching magic and colorful transfers.  

Don’t forget you can check out DVDs and magazines from the library.

Old Business

Bottles of Hope go to the Toby Keith Foundation for Children with cancer.

We have pages on facebook and yahoo.

New Business

State Fair is coming up. Entry deadlines are August 15th.

You can participate in the State Fair demo on September 18th.

Next regular meeting will be August 13, 2016, 1:30 pm at the Oklahoma Contemporary Art Center on the OKC Fairgrounds. 

Coming soon: Class in October by Deb Hart.

Minutes for June 2016 Meeting

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Minutes recorded by Shirley

There were fourteen members and no guests present at our June 11, 2016 meeting.

Seven members brought items to show, including several child-oriented Bottles of Hope. Tom will post photos on our Yahoo and Facebook pages.

Program: Jane and Penni Jo taught a very clever method of building a signature cane around our initials. They distributed an excellent handout with detailed instructions and diagrams. These cane slices will make a great way to sign our work. Several members completed their canes with excellent results.

Business Meeting

Officers Reports:

Secretary: Wendy moved to approve the minutes for the May meeting, and Jane seconded the motion. The minutes were approved.

Vice President: Jane listed the upcoming programs:

  • July – Tsunami Cane with Lee Ann
  • August – Using Transfer Paper with Tom

Treasurer: We have 29 members, including three new people who joined last month.

Bottles of Hope Coordinator: Connie reminded us that we are going to begin providing Bottles of Hope for juvenile cancer patients through the Toby Keith Foundation. She urged us to focus on making child-oriented bottles. The organization serves about 100 children a year, averaging about 12 per month. Connie has had little cards made to go along with each bottle. The cards will tell the story of Bottles of Hope and list our Web address. Wendy will help deliver the bottles.

Connie also suggested that to prevent bottle lids from falling out, people make longer, deeper shafts on their bottle stoppers to support the weight of heavy lids.

Librarian: Jane reported that the book we ordered last month is not yet in. Tom and his daughter, Alex, donated a book on jewelry making, which contains a section on polymer clay. Penni Jo donated the tutorial that she uses in her beginner class, which teaches leaf, vine, and flower making. Thank you all for donating to our library.

Webmaster: Myra mentioned questions regarding who can join our regular Yahoo group, but no decisions were made.

Photographer: Tom has been uploading our meeting pictures on our Yahoo and Facebook pages. Penni Jo suggested we look into paying for Flicker Pro, which allows unlimited pictures.

Old Business: The dates have been confirmed for next year’s retreat, which will be held April 6, 7, and 8, 2017.

There was no new business.

Raffle/Inchie Swap: There had been some confusion about the possible overlapping scheduling of these two activities. Inchies will be exchanged four times a year (January, April, July, and October), with seasonal themes. It was decided to hold a drawing every other month, regardless of when the inchie swap is scheduled. Our next drawing will be in July.

July 2016 Meeting: Tsunami Cane

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 Our next guild meeting will be Saturday, July 9, 2016 from 1:30-4:30 p.m. in the Contemporary Arts Center at the fairgrounds.

At this meeting, Lee Ann will be teaching us how to do Elissa Powell’s Tsunami Cane.


  • Pasta machine
  • Work surface
  • Blade
  • Brayer or rod for rolling
  • Favorite claying tools


  • 1/2 brick each of two contrasting colors of clay for Skinner blend (Fimo or Premo)
  • 1/4 brick of metallic silver (glitter) and white clay or gold clay
  • Scrap clay for base of bead (if we have time)

 This month, we will have our drawing, so if you won something at the last drawing, bring goodies for this one!

  We will also bring inchies with a “Summer” theme.