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December 2012

Minutes for November 2012 Meeting

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Show and Tell included Ruth showing two necklaces she had made with the iKat cane that Lisa taught at the October meeting. Lisa showed items that she made with the iKat cane also. She shared that soaking an item in ammonia will remove the Future finish many people use. This allows you to correct any drips that might occur. Lisa also displayed a whistle that she learned how to make from an online tutorial. Steampunk pieces that Tom & Lisa each made were published in a magazine. Kay brought beads to show, including a Kokopali pendant. Penni Jo shared cabons that she made using the cabon mold she carries. She explained how she loaded the mold with slices of canes, layering to create a flower & leaf design. When you push it from the mold, you have a beautiful piece. Penni Jo also showed a feather created from polymer. Lee Ann showed Bottles of Hope.

Lee Ann announced the following programs:

Dec – Swap; everyone bring one thing they’ve made this year & be ready to explain the process of making it; we’ll swap items at the conclusion of the meeting

Jan – how to make faux fossils; taught by Lori

Angela gave the treasurers report and announced that we have 21 members.

Jane announced that the next Polymer Cafe challenge is nature. Your entry is due in December.

Penni Jo told what has been planned for our retreat. The following list shows the responsibility and the person who will chair that area:

Decorations – Ruth

Food – Jane

Registration – Cheryl

Goodie bags – Penni Jo, Lisa, Cheryl

Printing & Website – Myra

Ovens – Tom, Nance & April

Demos – Cheryl

Publicity – Shirley

The website EventBrite has been set up for online registration. It is very easy to use. Our teacher, Syndee Holt, will also do a make and take. We voted to buy two ovens for the retreat.

Penni Jo also presented an offer by Patti Bond. She would be willing to teach two classes on a Saturday, charging $60 for both classes. We discussed using this as an alternative for our September meeting since our meeting place will be unavailable.

The guild agreed to pay ahead for the room rental.

Our next meeting will be Dec. 8th at the OKC Art Center located at the fairgrounds.