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January 7, 2010

Mica Shift and Faux Wood With Lee Ann-January 9, 2010

Hello Clayers! It’s That time again! Our next meeting is January 9th from 1-4pm and will be held at the Hobby Lobby in Norman (2417 W. Main, Norman, OK). Our Own awesomely talented Lee Ann will be teaching us the elusive Mica shift technique and also her faux wood technique. I know this has been a much anticipated class and we are all looking forward to it! The supply list is a follows:


1 oz. gold and 1 oz. black

Clay blade, pasta machine, clay roller

Mica Shift

Those above, plus template for shape of necklace, needle tool, cording


Gold and/or copper 1/2 block (1 oz) each

OR Pearl Colors: Teal Blue Pearl - 2 parts yellow, 3 parts blue and 20 parts pearl

Red Pearl - 3 parts red and 10 parts pearl

Golden Red Pearl - 2 parts red, 2 parts gold and 5 parts pearl

Orange Pearl - 1 part red, 2 parts yellow, and 5 parts pearl

Green Gold Pearl - 2 parts blue, 3 parts yellow, 4 parts gold and 8 parts pearl

Blue Violet Pearl - 1 part blue, 2 parts magenta and 10 parts pearl

If you pick a pearl blend, it should equal about 1/2 block of clay. Please have these mixed before meeting.

Black clay and a plain sheet of clay close to the color you are using.

This month is raffle month! The last one was in September and the winners were, April, Nance and Lee Ann. September winners, please bring an item to contribute to the raffle for this month. Also, everyone bring a suggestion for the book you would like to have added to our growing library