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June 11, 2012

Minutes for June 2012 Meeting

Central OK Polymer Clay Guild Minutes, June 9, 2012

Shirley opened the meeting by welcoming new members and guests, Marsha, Barbara and Lisa. She announced that the IAO Gallery would be hosting the Fiberworks showing beginning on Friday and going through July 7. She also told us about a bead shop at Sante Fe & Danforth in Edmond, Beadle Dee Beadle Done. It is a welcoming little shop with lots of fun stuff!

Show and Tell started off with Jane and Penni Jo showing translucent earrings and butterfly. Alex showed a cute purse holder and Lisa showed multiple marbles that she had made. Angela showed a picture of a dog as a muse. She did the artwork in polymer on an 8 x 8 canvas. It sold at a benefit for Pets & People—hence the reason we only got to see a picture of the piece! Kay brought several items from the kitchen and sewing tools and showed how to use them for polymer. She also had two “peelers” from Dan & Tracy’s website, www.dancormier.ca. They shave perfect slices from canes. The business meeting started with the approval of the minutes.

LeeAnn announced that the classes for the next meetings will be: July - Jane will teach how to use translucent clay August - Shirley & Lee Ann will teach different protective coats for polymer September - Penni Jo will teach how to make a rose cane

Angela gave the treasurers report.

Nance reported that she has found a great source for bottles for the Bottles of Hope project. She passed out several bottles to members. Nance taught a class to 22 ladies who had a great time. She invited them to come to the guild meetings.

Jane gave a review of the guild’s new book, Enlightened Polymer Clay. She showed a leaf necklace she had made following the book’s instructions. She said the book was very inspirational but the instructions were a little sparse.

Stacie will not be able to attend as many meetings. However, she will continue to work on the website.

Old Business opened with great praise for the April retreat. Penni Jo’s vision and diligent work helped to make the event a great success. Christie Friesen’s classes were fun and great learning experience. The general consensus was the theme helped provide “flow” to the whole event. Bob Linn has been nominated as an honorary member of the guild! His help with set up, clean up, bringing in pizza and just generally checking to see if anyone needed anything was a huge help! Different ones commented on how good the food and programs were. It was an all-around success.
Discussion was held regarding whether we wanted to have another retreat next year. Cheryl made a motion to do so and Marsha suggested that we amend the motion so just set a retreat for next year and then revisit the idea again year to year. The motion passed.

Some things that need improvement for the next time are having more people involved so that just a few are not carrying too much of the load. We discussed having the food catered or splitting the meal planning among different groups so that one person was not in the kitchen so much. We talked about moving to a different venue and decided to stay at the same place for at least one more year. Penni Jo contacted the church and we have received permission to use the rooms again next April. Marsha volunteered to plan the table set up for next year.

The finances were for the retreat were also a success, resulting in actually making money for the event. The event the next year may result in more expenses depending on the teacher we choose and the food factors. Everyone felt the registration fee was very reasonable and we want to keep it that way for next year. Penni Jo will check on teacher availability. We’d like to have different techniques taught each year. We discussed new meeting place options, as we have grown too big for the Hobby Lobby classroom. A group will go to the City Arts Center located on the Fair Grounds to see if it is suitable. It was agreed that if the group felt it was a good place, they would go ahead and reserve the space.

Kay taught the guild how to make gift tags with polymer and gave out stamps and little goodies to embellish them. They were easy and fun to make!

The next meeting will be held on July 14 at 1:30 pm at the City Arts Center on the Fair Grounds. The meeting was adjourned.

June 21, 2012

Clayers on the Move

We’re thrilled that our membership has soared in the past few months — so many more opportunities to learn new things from each other! But one of the first things we’ve learned is that we can’t comfortably fit 20 (or even 15) clayers in our old classroom. After lots of looking and deliberation, we’ve decided to make our move to a larger space.

Starting with our next meeting on July 14th, we will be meeting at the City Arts Center at the State Fair Park (3000 General Pershing Blvd, Oklahoma City). They have several large rooms available, all of which have plenty of space, good lighting, durable floors, and plenty of sturdy tables and chairs to accommodate our group. We liked Studio 2 the best, and hope to make it our main meeting room; however, we may be moved to other rooms, depending on what’s available on a particular day. We’ll post the current month’s meeting room on our website in the monthly meeting announcement.

It’s easiest to get to the City Arts Center off May Ave at the fair’s Gate #3 (most other gates stay closed). You can use this map to help find your way to the building. Once there, you can load in and out using the drive-through. For those of you carrying heavy items, they have large rolling carts available — just ask at the front desk. Their staff can also assist with any other questions you might have.

We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting!