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Eagle Feather Cane Workshop on Saturday July 27th with Penni Jo

Penni Jo will be teaching how to make the Eagle Feather cane. no charge. If you sign up she will send you the tutorial (as soon as it’s finished and I’m on the last page) . The date is Saturday July 27th from 9 to 5. Here is the materials list for the cane:

•Strong Polymer Clay needed:You may use Pardo, Premo, Kato or Fimo Classic. Just be sure you use the same clay brand throughout the cane to assure a good, strong cane.
Colors –
•2 to 3 blocks White,
•1 block of a Medium-Dark value Brown {Pantone 469u}, (NOTE: If using Premo, Mix 1 part Raw Sienna with 1 part Burnt Umber),
•1- 2 blocks of Black,
•1/2 – block Yellow. NOTE: A small part of the Yellow and Brown will be mixed with some of the white to make the Ivory color in the feathers.
•If using Premo, 1 1/2 blocks Ecru will work for Ivory and you won’t need yellow.


•Scotch or masking tape

•Pasta Machine for making the Skinner blend. In the instructions PM will stand for Pasta Machine.

•Long, flexible tissue blade or other flexible blade for cutting cane.

•A long rigid blade for cutting feather slices.

•Small piece of card stock for baking surface.Materials Needed for Projects Included

•For Earrings lower right, Instructions begin on page 14.

•2 ear wires, 2 eye pins. If no eye pins approx 5 inches 20 gauge wire. Beads: two 6mm silver tone, four each red & black seed beads or your choice of colors, sizes and style of beads. Optional beads on page 15, step 10.

•For Pendant left Instructions begin on page 13 at Step 68: Materials needed,

•Daisy shaped Separators, one 8mm, two 5mm and two 4mm spacers.•Eye Pin.

•Wire: about 5 inches of 20 or 22 gauge wire for feather pendant wire wrap.

•Tiny bits of colored clay red, turquoise & pearl clay.

• Viva Decor metallic paints or mica powders Turquoise, Coral or Scarlet, and Micro Pearl.

April 2019 Retreat

No meeting this month, instead we have our wonderful retreat!  I thought it would be good to post the list of items you will need to bring for the classes.

There are  a few things that we need to do in preparation for our retreat.

Eugena has listed a few items that will be needed for her classes.

For an expanded description of the classes check out her blogposting:

In the OPENWORK PENDANTS class, you will be making a pendant using just one 2-oz pack

of Premo polymer clay in any color.

Eugena will provide the second material needed for this technique.

The only tools needed for this class are the following:
– a working surface (a ceramic tile, for example);
– a roller or a pasta machine (optional);
– a small knife or spatula;
– a round cutter, about 1″ to 1.5″ in diameter;
– a tool for shaping concave polymer clay pendants*.

* There is a detailed description of such tools in the following post in my blog:
Cool Tools, Concave Forms for Polymer Clay

In the SEA CREATURES class, the tools and materials needed for this class include the following:
– at least one 2-oz pack of Premo polymer clay in white color;
– some black acrylic paint;
– alcohol inks in at least three colors that look nicely together;
– small brushes for applying the paint and the inks (cheap ones from a Dollar Store will work);
– some paper towels;
– a working surface (a ceramic tile, for example);
– a roller or a pasta machine (optional);
– a small knife or spatula;
– any tools you may have for sculpting polymer clay (such as knitting needles of various diameter, tooth picks,  disposable drinking and mixing straws, etc.);
– a tool for shaping concave polymer clay pendants*.  (see link above)


Also REMEMBER to bring a seat cushion, we’ll be on folding chairs.  See you all there!