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October 2013

Minutes for October 2013 Meeting

Tom opened the October meeting by greeting our guests. We had a family visiting who had spoken to us during the guild’s demo at the State Fair, and whose 9-year-old showed some very nice clay pieces. We also got to meet our newest member, Karen, who recently moved to Oklahoma from California. We had 17 attendees, including 4 visitors.

In addition to our regular Show & Tell, several members brought their prize-winning state fair entries for us to admire. Great work, everyone!

Nance Ross taught the October lesson, a jack-o-lantern pin with glow-in-the-dark elements. She also demonstrated how to make a leaf cane. Her lesson was enjoyable, her handout was excellent, and everyone seemed to have fun make their own “Spooky Jacks.”

During the business portion of the meeting, Tom made a motion that the August meeting minutes be accepted. Penni Jo seconded.

Lee Ann announced the following meeting topics:

  • November: Penni Jo and Lisa – Gourds and Polymer Clay Together. Penni Jo piqued our interest by showing a beautiful gourd she taught in a gourd class recently.
  • December: Annual Christmas Exchange
  • January: Angel – Cane (or something wonderful)
  • February: Tom – Damascus Ladder

Angela gave the treasurer’s report. The guild now has 25 members.

Nance had bottles available to cover for Bottles of Hope. She said she likes to save up 30-35 completed bottles before taking them someplace, and spoke of the warm reception she’d gotten from her last Bottles of Hope recipients.

Jane talked about the newest additions to the library, including Polymer Clay Global Perspectives and the latest issue of two magazines. She informed us that the next Polymer Cafe challenge theme is “Texture,” for those who are looking for an opportunity to have their work published. We drew for a new library book, and selected The Absolute Beginners Guide: Working with Polymer Clay.

Patty Barnes will be teaching an all-day class on Faux Dichroic Glass and Faux Malachite in Norman on Saturday, October 19th. Cost for members is $60 ($75 for non-members). Please contact Jane if you wish to register for one of the remaining spaces. Participants may bring approximately $10 if they wish to order from Jersey Mike’s for lunch.

Penni Jo reported that she confirmed with Memorial Presbyterian Church in Norman that we are on their calendar for next year’s retreat. Lisa Pavelka will be our teacher, and Penni Jo will be contacting her for more info on class projects.

Penni Jo and Lisa announced two current calls for entries:

  • Steampunk 4 (deadline November 5th): Submit a photo of a steampunk piece for possible publication.
  • IPCA’s 2014 International Polymer Clay Awards (deadline January 20, 2014): Submit up to 3 pieces in the following categories:
    • jewelry (functional as well as art to wear)
    • functional containers (also includes vessels, receptacles, reliquaries and purses)
    • non functional sculpture and figurines
    • 2 dimensional hanging art


Penni Jo, Connie, and Tom brought wonderful raffle prizes, and we also raffled off one of the extra goody bags from the retreat. The winners were Tom, Karen, Connie, and Penni Jo. They will be responsible for bringing the prizes for our next raffle in a couple of months.

The theme for our inchie swap in November will be water.

The meeting adjourned. Our next meeting will be November 9th from 1:30 to 4:30 at the OKC Contemporary Arts Center on the state fairgrounds.

October 2013 Meeting: Spooky Stuff!

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Nance will be teaching the lesson this month. We’re not sure exactly what we’ll be making, but she has warned us to watch out for “spooks” – so whatever it is, it’s sure to be fun! Here’s the supply list from Nance:


  • 1 block orange
  • 1 block glow-in-the-dark
  • 1/2 block light green
  • 1/2 block darker green
  • 1/4 block gold


  • Pumpkin shaped cookie cutter (I have one and will share)
  • X-acto knife
  • Sculpting tool, scribe, or ball point pen


  • Mica powder
  • Glitter
  • Antiquing supplies – tube of ocher acrylic paint
  • Maybe a plastic spider

Our meeting will be held October 12th from 1:30 to 4:30 at the Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center at the State Fair Park (3000 General Pershing Blvd.).

NOTE: There is ongoing construction on May Avenue next to the fairgrounds. Gate 3 (the one nearest to the arts center) is completely closed until at least January 2014. Use Gate 5 further to the south, across from Forest Lumber. See this map for reference.