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July 2011

OKPolyClay Featured on the Deluxe Blog

Deluxe Indie Craft BazaarInterested in how the Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild got started? Or perhaps you want to start a group with a different medium as its focus…? Then check out guild co-founder Angela Mabray’s recent articles on the Deluxe Indie Craft Bazaar blog:
* This post talks about the group’s early days
* And here’s some suggestions for starting your own crafting group
And if you’re coming to our site from the Deluxe blog, welcome! Whether you’re a polymer clay user from way back, or someone who’s just interested in trying a new medium, we’d love to have you visit our next meeting on Saturday, August 13th.

July 2011 Meeting: Fun with Pencils and Markers

July Lesson: Switch PlatesJane Linn will be teaching our July lesson, giving us an opportunity to experiment with using pencils and markers on baked clay. We hope to see the different effects and then use a switch plate, with baked clay, as our palette. You’ll find more beautiful examples of Jane’s work at the end of this post (click on photos for a larger view).
Our meeting will be held Saturday, July 9, 2011, from 1:30-4:30, at the Hobby Lobby on I-35 and South 19th in Moore (2650 Service Road, Moore, OK 73160).
**Supplies to bring:**
* **2-3 paper towels**
* **320 grit wet/dry sandpaper** (a small piece will do). If you wish, you may sand the switch plate at home before coming. If so, please bring the sandpaper with you to meeting.
* **Plastic switch plate**
* **2 paint brushes**: a small and medium small (such as a 0/10 round and 4 round) for ‘water coloring’
* **Fine or extra fine point Permanent Black marker-Sharpie or Pitt (Faber- Castell)**
* **TLC – Transparent Liquid Clay**
* **Work Surface**
* **Pasta Machine**
* **Blade**
* **Craft knife/X-Acto**
* **Brayer or acrylic rod**
* **Pencil or black colored pencil** for sketching
* **Ceramic tile or card stock** for baking
* **Any favorite tool/tools** (you never know!)
* **Note: White, translucent, and white translucent clay is being provided by Polyform** (Thanks, Polyform!)
**Optional:** *Don’t buy any of these just for this, unless you think you might want to use them again. But if you have them, PLEASE bring them!*
* **Water Color Pencils**
* **Inktense Pencils**
* **Colored Pencils**
* **Colored Markers/ Blender Marker**
**More optional embellishments:** You may also want to bring….
* **Large stamps and permanent ink pad**
* **Canes**
* **Canes with transparent clay**
* **Embellishments** such as charms, glitter, beads, ‘jewels’, Steampunkery stuff
This month we’ll hold a raffle, with March’s winners (Sue, Jane, Nance, and Shirley) supplying the prizes. Be sure to bring your $$ for a chance to win some goodies!
**More project photos:**
Switch Plate 1Switch Plate 2