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December 2013

Minutes for November 2013 Meeting

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Tom opened the meeting with Show and Tell. Angela brought a pillow box with a reverse mold leaf gift tag made with alcohol inks and liquid polymer clay. Angel showed the faux malachite pendant and dichroic glass that she made at the class with Patty Barnes. Penni Jo showed the malachite necklace that she won at Fandango. Penni Jo also showed the new kitty mold that they have developed for the Beads of Courage. Lee Ann displayed the ovals and ideas that she tried out. Kathy made a covered Altoid tin with faux abalone and a votive candle holder. Karen displayed her Christi Friesen influenced heart necklace. Elizabeth showed her darling turkey. Nance presented a Hopi gourd mask, made from half of a gourd and decorated with feathers.

Penni Jo made the motion and Angel seconded that the minutes be approved.

Lee Ann announced the following programs:
December – annual display and Dirty Santa “exchange”
January – Angel will teach a cane
February – Tom will teach the Damascus ladder

February’s Affair of the Heart will be the same weekend as our monthly meeting. Cheryl made the motion and Lori seconded that we move the meeting to February 15th. Angela will check with the center to see if we can schedule the room for that date.

Angela gave the treasurer’s report. We currently have 25 members.

Nance said we now have an unlimited source for bottles for the Bottles of Hope program. She asked that we take home bottles to decorate for donation to the oncology center.

Jane shared that the Polymer Café challenge is “Youthful Textures”. To enter, you only need to submit a picture of your project and the entry form from the magazine. She also reviewed the Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Polymer Clay. Jane said there were lots of great ideas and an extruder guide.

It was decided that we would not have the raffle at the December meeting. Those who want can also bring snacks to the meeting.

In New Business, Penni Jo announced that our original polymer clay artist will not be able to attend. We voted to try to have Christi Friesen come again. We agreed to see if Lisa Pavelka would be available for April, 2015. If so, we will set the date and secure the location for that time.

The meeting was adjourned. Our next meeting will be December 14 at 1:30 pm at the fair ground OKC Contemporary Art Center.

December 2013 Meeting: Show & Tell + Fun!

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mermaidOur meeting will be held December 14th from 1:30 to 4:30 at the Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center at the State Fair Park (3000 General Pershing Blvd.).
In December, we don’t have a traditional lesson. Instead, we’ll have show & tell, where you bring something you made (perhaps inspired by one of our lessons this year) and explain how you made it. There will also be an optional “Dirty Santa” game, where you can swap your show & tell item and end up with another person’s creation. You don’t have to participate in the game if you want to keep your own item, though!
IMPORTANT: We will also be voting on one of the classes Christi Friesen will be teaching at the retreat. One of the classes will be an articulated mermaid (shown here), but we have LOTS of choices available for the second class! Penni Jo just posted the possible classes on the Yahoo group. For your convenience, they are also listed below:
They all look like they would be fun, don’t they? Please look them over this week and think about your favorites. We’ll probably have more than one round of voting to narrow the choices, since there are so many.
It was suggested we bring a goody to the meeting (cookies, chips, etc.) – not mandatory.
Hope to see you on the 14th!

NOTE: There is ongoing construction on May Avenue next to the fairgrounds. Gate 3 (the one nearest to the arts center) is completely closed until at least January 2014. Use Gate 5 further to the south, across from Forest Lumber. See this map for reference.