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June 2017

Minutes for May 13, 2017

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Minutes submitted by Laura Clarkson

14 Members attended the meeting.

Show and Tell consisted of several Bottles of Hope.

The Program was led by member Betty Bolerjack who shared technique for twisted wire for use in jewelry making.

Jane Linn, VP,  shared the future Program schedule:

  • Penni Jo and Jane will teach in June
  • Chris Crossland and Karen Humphreys will teach in July
  • Wendy McKinnon will teach in August

Angela Mabray gave the Treasurer’s report.  We currently have 30 paid members. The retreat came out in the black.

Wendy McKinnon, Bottle of Hope Coordinator, reported she has contacted Procure regarding providing Bottles of Hope and they are interested.  She has scheduled a Play with Clay with the children at the Toby Keith Center for Wednesday, May 17, 2017 at 2 pm.  Everyone was invited to participate.

Jane Linn, Librarian, reported this is the month to buy a book.  It was moved by Angel and seconded by Wendy to purchase the Complete Guide to Making Wire Jewelry.

Old Business:

Retreat 2017 – Tom is currently reviewing the surveys.  Stated there are some issues we will need to address.  Need to begin planning now for next year and identify whom we would like as a guest artist.  Members were requested to be thinking about this for the discussion.

New Business:

  • Discussed having an all day class in October and it was suggested we see if Ginger Davis might be available for this.
  • Angela M. shared the Thank You card the Guild received from the Mustang Library for the Polymer Clay display at the Library in March.

Next drawing will be in June: Penni Jo, Laura and Angel won the last drawing.

Next Inchie swap will be in July with a Summer theme.

June 2017 Meeting: Penni Jo’s Scrappy Gems

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Our next guild meeting will be Saturday, June 10, 2017 from 1:30-4:30 p.m. in the Contemporary Arts Center at the fairgrounds.

Penni Jo and Jane will lead us in this fun class. To make this project, please keep your different scrap colors separate from each other. We will be rolling each separate color into a series or rolls and doing something special to each roll before assembling the cane.

This original and unique class was inspired by a TV show about beautiful jewels created from dried and dyed heather. Their technique creates beautiful, gleaming, ‘stonelike’ cabochons called Heathergems®.

We have re-created this look using scraps of polymer clay.

This polymer clay class will allow the student to create Heathergem-inspired “Scrappy PenniJoGems” cabochons & beads from leftover clay. Since most people work with their favorite colors, the Scrappy PenniJoGems usually come out quite appealing and unique to the artist.

These beautiful cabochons are wonderful for earrings, pendants, bracelets, hair barrettes, home décor and more.

To speed up your work, condition your scraps before coming. Do not mix up your colors, just soften each individual scrap of clay so that each scrap can be rolled into a roll in class. Keep your scraps of clay separated as much as possible before coming to class as we will be rolling each separate color or blend into a series or rolls and then do something special to each roll before assembling.


  • Polymer Clay: Good clay scraps, at least two to three ounces. Or, any mix of your favorite colors. Skinner Blends, Metallic and Pearl or Metallic scraps work very well. Even old canes can be used.
  • “Junk” clay to make the cabochon backing.
  • Rigid tissue blade for cutting slices.
  • Heavy body acrylic paint. Black, dark brown, dark blue or dark purple (We’ll have some in class to use)
  • Clay tools and favorite tools
  • Newspaper or other paper on which to paint.
  • If a shiny finish is desired, polymer clay friendly varnish and brushes for polymer clay.
  • Cabochon Molds or cutters (need plastic wrap for curved edges)


  • Pasta Machine
  • Embossing powders, dark colors of your choice. (these can add bits of sparkle or texture.)
  • Mica powders, iron on Jewels if you wish to add jewels to your designs.
  • Findings for cabs
  • Elastic cord for Tile Bracelet

Teachers will bring:

  • Wax paper/aluminum foil
  • Cabochon Molds
  • Cutters
  • Saran or Glad Wrap

Project Ideas:

  • Pendant
  • Earrings
  • Tile Bracelet (1” cutter ?)
  • Stick pin
  • Barrette
  • Frame Tiles
  • Mosiac Focal Designs

Penni Jo has provided a handy guide you can download for future reference. Thanks, PJ!!