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March 2014

Minutes for March 2014 Meeting

Minutes recorded by Angel M.

We had 15 members and 5 visitors at the March 2014 meeting. For Show & Tell, Tom, Jane, Connie, Lee Ann and Elizabeth shared Bottles of Hope. Lee Ann shared a braided wire bracelet, and Penni Jo shared a pair of Fancy Dress earrings.

Connie was our instructor this month. She taught the group how to cover serving utensils with polymer clay. The utensils were embellished with rubber stamped polymer clay pieces. The lesson was fun and enjoyed by all. Thanks Connie!

The business meeting began with a motion from Penni Jo and a second by Lee Ann to to approve the February minutes.

Vice President Connie gave an overview of the upcoming programs:

  • April: Retreat
  • May: Nance – Faux Opal
  • June: Penni Jo – Using Molds. Guild Members – Bring your favorite tool to demo
  • July: Jane – Something Fabulous
  • August, September, October & November are OPEN

Angela sent treasurer’s report with Angel. We have 19 members.

Nance was not able to attend. Angel agreed to collect the finished Bottles of Hope and get them to Nance on the following Monday.

Librarian Jane suggested and brought two books to look at. After looking over the books we decided to order “The Polymer Clay Artists Guide” by Marie Segal.

Myra reported that we have 4-5 spaces left for the retreat, and that a couple of people have dropped out of classes. Myra will now got to the waiting list for the classes and offer the spots to them.

This month’s raffle winners were Connie, Elizabeth & Penni Jo. Our next raffle will be in June.

We then discussed our upcoming retreat:

  • Our Goody Bag Packing Day is April 5th
  • Setup is scheduled for Wednesday, April 9th
  • Connie has the table covers and will bring them for setup
  • Penni Jo has fabric prints to decorate in safari theme
  • Printing costs are estimated to be the same as last year
  • Penni Jo has received silent auction items from Bonnie Kregor and Lupe Meter. Lee Ann also donated two silent auction items
  • Two receipts were received for re-imbursement: Tom – Dollar Tree for door prize bags, and Jane for place mats to be used in Christi’s classes.
  • Penni Jo suggested we re-arrange the set up for registration to take advantage of the space in the hall for demos. This idea was well received.
  • Angel asked about purchasing cord cover for the retreat instead of taping down the cords. The cord cover is reusable and will eliminate the tedious cleanup of the tape residue. Penni Jo moved to approve this idea, Jane made a motion and it was seconded by Kay. Angel will look into this purchase.

The meeting was adjourned. Our next meeting will be May 10th at 1:30 at the Contemporary Arts Center on the OKC Fairgrounds.

March 2014 Meeting: Serving Utensils

  • by

spoonsConnie Farrell will present our demo this month on decorating serving utensils. The list of materials, tools and tips are below. March is raffle month – those who won last time, please bring your raffle items this time!


  • 2 oz. block of clay in color of your choice


  • Pasta machine
  • Etch ‘n’ Pearl tool
  • Blade/X-acto knife
  • Rubber stamp of your choice (see tips below)
  • Large serving utensils with plain handles
  • Spray bottle with water
  • Paper towels
  • Acrylic paint for antiquing
  • Small paintbrush
  • Circle cutters (see tips below)

Tips from Connie:

  • The stamp used in the sample was ordered from Rubber Stamp Plantation (Mayan sun tile), $7.50 plus shipping If you don’t want to order this stamp, you can share mine or use a different one.
  • I used circle cutters ranging from 1/2″ to 1-3/4″.
  • Colors used in the sample: Sculpey III Renaissance brown metallic clay with black antiquing.
  • My utensils came from Dollar Tree.

The link to the handout from JoAnn’s is here.

NOTE: Construction is still likely on May Avenue next to the fairgrounds. Enter through Gate 5 further south on May, across from Forest Lumber. See this map for reference.