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Minutes for November 10 2018

Called to order at 1:30 pm by President Betty Bolerjack

10 members in attendance


Show and Tell:

The images are posted on our Facebook and Yahoo pages

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Program: Was presented by Tom Gibson. Tom demonstrated faux jasper from Samantha Burroughs technique. Also demonstrated Gelato Pens.


Business Meeting:Minutes of the October 13, 2018 meeting were approved after a Motion by Cheryl Reich and a second by Jane Linn


Vice President –   Shirley Conway presented the schedule for the following months:

December – Christmas Party. Bring a polymer clay gift for the dirty Santa exchange

January 2019 – Bottles of Hope

February 2019 – Cheryl – Kato color kits

March 2019 – Laura – Translucent cane

Treasurer – LeeAnn Kelley

Balance: $6875.84       Membership: 33 paid members

Christmas Party:

Laura volunteered to bring plates and napkins. Jane will provide spoons and forks. Everyone provide a dish to share. Bring your own beverage. If the food item you bring needs more than a plate (ex. Bowl) please provide those. Also bring a serving utensil for your dish.

We will be doing a Dirty Santa Polymer Clay Gift exchange again. It was discussed about bringing your item wrapped and at the end of the exchange we will then reveal who made what, instead of doing show and tell with them at the beginning.


Retreat: Tom Gibson: Tom reported he has received 18 responses on the guest artist, mostly from out of town people. He will email the results of the vote later this month. The church has been secured, but the rate has been raised from $475 to $600. Will need to find out if that includes the set-up and takedown. The following individuals volunteered to assist with the contact/solicitation of donations for goody bags and silent auction items. Connie, Laura, Almond.

Yukon Library Display: Individuals wishing to display items at the Yukon Library in January will need to bring them to the December meeting.



Providing prizes for the drawing: Almond (2), Carmen, Connie, Tom

Winning the drawing: Laura (2), Tom (2), Connie


Submitted by: Laura Clarkson, Secretary COPCG