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Wednsday, April 14, 2010 Meeting-Hollow Form Vessels Part 2

Hello Clayers! It’s time for another great clay meeting. The meeting will be held **Wednesday, April 14th at Southern Oaks Recreation Center at 400 SW 66th street, from 6 to 9 pm**. At this meeting we will be determining if this will become our permanent location or not.
This month I will be teaching part 2 of the Kathleen Dustin’s technique for creating hollow form vessels. If you do not have some of the listed items, I will have mine on hand for use. The supply list is below:
Pasta Machine
Cutting Blade
Exacto Knife
Baby Powder
Armor All or WD-40
Needle Tool
Fiber fill
Drill bit 1/8″
1/8″ Cord to string the hollow form onto (Pony Lacing works fine)
Genesis Thick Medium
1/8″ rivets
Loctite super glue
Medium Grit/Rough Sanding Sponge
At least 1 package of clay that is the same clay that was used on the interior of the hollow form
(If anyone wants to recover the mold they made at the February class then please bring a skinner blend sheet or some other decorative sheet of clay long and wide enough to cover your mold as well as a 1 or 2 blocks of clay for the interior of the hollow form vessel and some paper and a pencil or pen)
The theme for the swap at April’s meeting will be “spring flowers.” So everyone bring a swap item. Also bring an idea for a book, DVD or magazine to add to our library.
See you at the meeting!