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January 8, 2011-Large Vessel Forms with Lee Ann

Hello Clayers, it’s that time again! Our next meeting is this Saturday, January 8, 2011, from 1:30-4:30, at the Hobby Lobby on I-35 and South 19th in Moore (2650 Service Road, Moore, OK 73160 ). We are in for another exciting class from Lee Ann. She will be teaching us how to make large vessels. She brought some lovely examples to our December meeting, and although I was not there, I received reports of how lovely and amazing they are! Although she will show us how to make large vessels,to save time and space, we will be making small ones. I am looking forward to another great lesson from our very talented Lee Ann!
**Supply List:**
Molds from Glass Containers Supply List
1) Smooth and clean glass container. Since all of us will be using the ovens, choose
something small.
2) Scrap clay to cover container. Will be rolled on thickest setting of pasta machine.
3) Craft knife and clay blade.
4) Pasta machine
5) Slow drying glue such as Tacky Glue.
6) Masking tape or blue tape
7)Clay the color of your final choice
8) Oven mitt or hot pads.
Don’t forget to bring an idea for a book to add to our library and a raffle item.

Share A Christmas Project Day-December 11, 2010

Hello Clayers! It’s time for another great poly clay meeting! This month’s meeting should be very fun and informative. This month, every one is encouraged to bring a Christmas project ( or really, any project you would like) and discuss how it was made. Also, if any of our very knowledgeable members have any great tips, please share them with the group. We discussed exchanging the projects we bring in a gift swap exchange. So bring something you would like to swap. If you’ve made something you would prefer not to swap, please bring it anyway and discuss your technique with the group.
We will meet Saturday Decemmber 11, 2010 from 1:30-4:30 p.m. at the at the Hobby Lobby on I-35 and South 19th in Moore (2650 Service Road, Moore, OK 73160 ). Don’t forget to bring a book suggestion so we can add another great book to our awesome library. See you there!

Faux Enamel & Other Fun Metallic Stuff

Hello Clayers, it’s that time again! Our next meeting is this Saturday, **November 13th, 2010, from 1:30-4:30, at the Hobby Lobby on I-35 and South 19th in Moore (2650 Service Road, Moore, OK 73160 ).** We are in for another exciting class from Angela on Faux Enamel & other fun metallic stuff. I’ve been looking forward to this class and know Angela will teach another out of the ball park class!
Angela will be showing one way to do faux enamel with polymer clay — making your own molds, then using Pearl Ex powders, liquid clay, and alcohol inks to achieve a beautiful result. She’ll share ideas for using this technique to create a variety of quick
Christmas decorations and gifts. In addition to the faux enamel, Angela will also demonstrate a technique that uses many of the same materials but achieves a completely different result.
**Materials/Tools List:**
* Rubber stamp(s) to use for creating molds. The best rubber stamps for this technique have large-ish open areas, completely contained by surrounding lines (something to hold the “wells” of liquid clay). Flower stamps often work great, as the petal areas tend to be open and surrounded by lines. (Angela will have lots of extras if you don’t have one that works.)
* Spray bottle filled with water
* Clay knife or blade
* Tile or index card for baking
* Extra ceramic tile or plastic cups for mixing liquid clay colors
* Metallic colors (i.e., gold, silver, copper) of Pearl Ex (or similar brand) powders
* Paintbrush
* Kato Clear Liquid Polyclay
* Alcohol inks
* Gloves (if you’re concerned about alcohol inks staining your fingers)
Once again, Polyform has generously offered to sponsor the meeting by providing the group’s clay. Thanks, Polyform! And Angela has extras of everything, so don’t feel the need to go out and buy anything… that is, unless you’re just looking for an excuse to go shopping!
This month will be our Raffle so everyone bring something for it. The winners of the September raffle should provide items for the raffle. They were Penni Jo and Shirley.

Saturday, June 12, 2010 Polymer Clay Meeting-Color Inspiration Collage

Hi Clayers! It’s that time again! Our Next meeting will be held Saturday June 12, 2010 at 1:00 at the new Hobby Lobby store -2650 S Service Rd, Moore, OK- (405) 912-8100.
This months meeting will be very very interesting as we will be using an exercise in the Lindly Haunani and Maggie Maggio book, Polymer Clay Color Inspirations to create collages that will help us to find and fine tune our own individual personal inspirational colors. These collages can be used as color palettes for our polymer clay works.
The supply list does not involve polymer clay and is as follows:
Good Paper Scissors
Glue Stick
11x 17 Inch Piece Of Poster Board
Five Magazines with color pictures
Two I 1-Gallon Plastic Storage Bags or Large Mailing Envelopes For storing Your Clipping
Five Or Six Sandwich-Size Plastic Bags
Permanent Markers To Label The Storage Bags
If you like, bring your favorite colors of clay, paint chips, silk flowers, etc., to help with color inspairation, a great idea from Penni Jo.
We will be having our swap this month and the theme is “pairs”, so everbody bring a pair of something you’ve made and also a book purchase suggestion for our library.

Saturday May 8, 2010 Pointy Flower Pendant

Hi Clayers! It’s that time again! Our Next meeting will be held Saturday May 8, 2010 at 1:00 at the new Hobby Lobby store -2650 S Service Rd, Moore, OK- (405) 912-8100, our new venue.
Penni Jo will be demonstrating her absolutely lovely Pointy Flower Technique. Penni Jo has placed her pointy flowers on a faux ivory pendant. Please make whatever base you want to place the pointy flowers on ahead of time. Penni Jo has graciously provided us with instructions for her ivory pendant base. They are listed below with the supply list.
Here is the supply list:
Polymer Clay
1. Plugs, loaves or scraps of skinner blends. Ends or scraps of leaf canes. Or, clay in your choice of color for flowers and leaves.
2. . Background clay, shown are faux ivory and a pearl background. Faux ivory instructions are below the materials list.
3. Faux Ivory Clay: For faux ivory you will need about a half block of white and ecru or beige, and a block of translucent. See instructions below.
Other Tools
4. Optional: wire for wirework.
5. Pointy tool: like a smooth round toothpick, skewer, needle tool, etc.
6. Iron On Glass or Crystal jewels: Choice of color. Available at Hobby lobby in the aisle for ironing stuff onto jeans and t-shirts.
7. Optional eye pins: If dangles are desired, eye pins will be needed.
8. Clay tools: Pasta Machine for mixing clay.
Faux Ivory Instructions.
Condition and layer ‘faux’ Ivory clay as follows.
Polymer Clay:
Premo Ecru or Fimo Sahara (or mix your own light ivory color using your favorite brand of clay – One part)
White – One part
Transparent or Translucent. Two parts
1. Roll the clay into flat sheets about 1/8″ thick or the thickest setting on the pasta machine. Trim into the same size rectangles. Stack the clay as follows: Ecru, Translucent White, Translucent. Cut the stack in half. Place one half on top of the other. Do not flip the clay over, the stack should stay in the same order, ecru, translucent, white, translucent; ecru, translucent, white, translucent. Press from the center out to remove air bubbles.
2. Flatten the stack slightly, Cut in half again, and restack. Flatten slightly; continue these steps, building a stack about an inch high with a soft, subtle grain running through it.
3. Trim the stack until the subtle ‘ivory’ grain begins to show.
4. Roll the scraps into a ball and put the clay through the pasta machine on a medium thin setting. Lay the sheet of clay on a sheet of deli paper.
5. Cut thin slices from the edge of the stack. Gently press the clay slices onto the sheet of clay with the lines (grain) of the “ivory” running in the same direction.
6. When you have a sheet of faux ‘ivory’ large enough, roll it through the pasta machine set one thickness larger than the original sheet going with the grain of the ‘ivory’.
7. Reset the machine one thickness thinner and put the clay through it again in the same direction. Your faux ‘ivory’ is ready to wrap on the your project.
May is our raffle. Jane, Penni Jo & Ruth were the winners. Winners should bring something for the next raffle and everyone else also bring something for the raffle so we can have funding for our ever expanding and ever amazing library. Also bring a suggestion for a book, DVD, or magazine to add to our library.

Wednsday, April 14, 2010 Meeting-Hollow Form Vessels Part 2

Hello Clayers! It’s time for another great clay meeting. The meeting will be held **Wednesday, April 14th at Southern Oaks Recreation Center at 400 SW 66th street, from 6 to 9 pm**. At this meeting we will be determining if this will become our permanent location or not.
This month I will be teaching part 2 of the Kathleen Dustin’s technique for creating hollow form vessels. If you do not have some of the listed items, I will have mine on hand for use. The supply list is below:
Pasta Machine
Cutting Blade
Exacto Knife
Baby Powder
Armor All or WD-40
Needle Tool
Fiber fill
Drill bit 1/8″
1/8″ Cord to string the hollow form onto (Pony Lacing works fine)
Genesis Thick Medium
1/8″ rivets
Loctite super glue
Medium Grit/Rough Sanding Sponge
At least 1 package of clay that is the same clay that was used on the interior of the hollow form
(If anyone wants to recover the mold they made at the February class then please bring a skinner blend sheet or some other decorative sheet of clay long and wide enough to cover your mold as well as a 1 or 2 blocks of clay for the interior of the hollow form vessel and some paper and a pencil or pen)
The theme for the swap at April’s meeting will be “spring flowers.” So everyone bring a swap item. Also bring an idea for a book, DVD or magazine to add to our library.
See you at the meeting!

Wed. March 10, 2010-Lesson Change

Hello Clayers,
The March meeting will be held at the **Southern Oaks Recreation Center, 400 SW 66th Street, 6-9, Wed., March 10th**.
Due to a death in my family, I will not be able to teach part 2 of the hollow form class this month and will instead, teach it at the April meeting. Penni Jo has graciously offered to teach in my place. She will be unraveling the mysteries of the skinner blend to us and will be teaching us how to make multiple color Skinner Blends, resulting in different effects. She will also be teaching a twist on the Natasha bead called a Ruphia Peche Indian Bead created by Ruphia, the president of the of Corpus Christi Polymer Clay Guild where Penni Jo attended meetings during her stay in Texas. Thanks Penni Jo and Jane for all your help on such short notice! The supply list is as follows:
**General Tools needed:**
Pasta machine (we will have one to share)
Work surface or work surface cover
Cutting blade
Stylus or needle to make eyes on the indian bead
Skewer or knitting needle
Clay needed in colors you like
General clay tools
**Materials needed:**
A little bit of flesh and black clay
1/8 to 1/4 oz. each of Indian blanket colors or your favorite bead colors. ( 3 to 6 colors)
If you have a stash of scraps from other projects, you might want to bring them.
Penni Jo has added some additional info about the class.
Guild March Madness ~ Pick up lessons:
1. Revisit the Skinner blend. If you would like to know how to create a specific blend, let us know, we’ll help you figure out colors and amounts needed.
**Materials needed:**
a. Colors of clay that you would like to skinner blend
b. A specific kind of blend that you would like to have for a project, eg, flower petal, leaf, etc.
Bring any questions you may have about how to blends colors to make certain projects, ie. Calla Lilly.
2. Ruphia Peche Indian Bead using the Inside-out Technique (AKA Natasha Bead) Ruphia is the president of Corpus Christi Polymer Clay Guild where Penni Jo attended meetings during her stay in Texas.
Her Flickr site:
Etsy Site:
**If you are uncertain about the colors you want, Michael’s has clay on sale this week. Four blocks for $5.00. **
This month we will be having our raffle. April, Angela and Jane were the winners of our last raffle and should bring something for the next raffle. Also, everyone bring and idea for a book you would like to add to our library.