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Saturday May 8, 2010 Pointy Flower Pendant

Hi Clayers! It’s that time again! Our Next meeting will be held Saturday May 8, 2010 at 1:00 at the new Hobby Lobby store -2650 S Service Rd, Moore, OK- (405) 912-8100, our new venue.
Penni Jo will be demonstrating her absolutely lovely Pointy Flower Technique. Penni Jo has placed her pointy flowers on a faux ivory pendant. Please make whatever base you want to place the pointy flowers on ahead of time. Penni Jo has graciously provided us with instructions for her ivory pendant base. They are listed below with the supply list.
Here is the supply list:
Polymer Clay
1. Plugs, loaves or scraps of skinner blends. Ends or scraps of leaf canes. Or, clay in your choice of color for flowers and leaves.
2. . Background clay, shown are faux ivory and a pearl background. Faux ivory instructions are below the materials list.
3. Faux Ivory Clay: For faux ivory you will need about a half block of white and ecru or beige, and a block of translucent. See instructions below.
Other Tools
4. Optional: wire for wirework.
5. Pointy tool: like a smooth round toothpick, skewer, needle tool, etc.
6. Iron On Glass or Crystal jewels: Choice of color. Available at Hobby lobby in the aisle for ironing stuff onto jeans and t-shirts.
7. Optional eye pins: If dangles are desired, eye pins will be needed.
8. Clay tools: Pasta Machine for mixing clay.
Faux Ivory Instructions.
Condition and layer ‘faux’ Ivory clay as follows.
Polymer Clay:
Premo Ecru or Fimo Sahara (or mix your own light ivory color using your favorite brand of clay – One part)
White – One part
Transparent or Translucent. Two parts
1. Roll the clay into flat sheets about 1/8″ thick or the thickest setting on the pasta machine. Trim into the same size rectangles. Stack the clay as follows: Ecru, Translucent White, Translucent. Cut the stack in half. Place one half on top of the other. Do not flip the clay over, the stack should stay in the same order, ecru, translucent, white, translucent; ecru, translucent, white, translucent. Press from the center out to remove air bubbles.
2. Flatten the stack slightly, Cut in half again, and restack. Flatten slightly; continue these steps, building a stack about an inch high with a soft, subtle grain running through it.
3. Trim the stack until the subtle ‘ivory’ grain begins to show.
4. Roll the scraps into a ball and put the clay through the pasta machine on a medium thin setting. Lay the sheet of clay on a sheet of deli paper.
5. Cut thin slices from the edge of the stack. Gently press the clay slices onto the sheet of clay with the lines (grain) of the “ivory” running in the same direction.
6. When you have a sheet of faux ‘ivory’ large enough, roll it through the pasta machine set one thickness larger than the original sheet going with the grain of the ‘ivory’.
7. Reset the machine one thickness thinner and put the clay through it again in the same direction. Your faux ‘ivory’ is ready to wrap on the your project.
May is our raffle. Jane, Penni Jo & Ruth were the winners. Winners should bring something for the next raffle and everyone else also bring something for the raffle so we can have funding for our ever expanding and ever amazing library. Also bring a suggestion for a book, DVD, or magazine to add to our library.