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Minutes for October 2012 Meeting

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Lee Ann opened the meeting. Shirley has had to resign her position as president due to health reasons. Lee Ann will finish out the year.

Show and Tell included Lisa showing pictures that gave her color inspiration. Tom showed a Bottle of Hope he made using the rose can that Penni Jo taught at the September meeting. Jane showed a cute Halloween cat and pumpkin necklace she made.

Lee Ann announced the following programs:

Nov – Covering Altoid tins, taught by Cheryl

Dec – Swap; everyone bring one thing they’ve made this year & be ready to explain the process of making it; we’ll swap items at the conclusion of the meeting

Jan – how to make faux fossils; taught by Lori

Angela gave the treasurers report. We’ve spent $114 this month in moving to a new software system for our website, printing fliers for the fair & our domain name renewal. We have two magazine subscriptions that need to be renewed. We voted to renew The Polymer Arts subscription. The report was approved.

The new software system will allow us to put pictures of the covers of our library books online. The book list will be available by clicking the button located on the right side of the site page.

We discussed purchasing skirting for the display/food tables at the retreat. We agreed that Ruth could purchase.

November is swap month. The theme is Home & Hearth. Bring something if you would like to participate in the swap.

The next meeting will be November 10 at 1:30 at the City Arts Center on the fairgrounds. Remember to enter at Gate 3, located on May Ave.

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