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July 11, 2009 Kathleen Dustin Techniques

Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful July 4th! Our next meeting will be Saturday July 11th 1-4p.m. at the **Hobby Lobby** **in Norman **(2417 W. Main, Norman OK)**
It was originally listed that I, April Gregory, would be teaching flower cane techniques, but after talking with Jane, we thought that the group might enjoy learning some of the techniques we learned at the Kathleen Dustin workshop. One of the techniques is called “lamella” and it is a way to create a log that looks like “fish flesh” or “plated layers “. Paraphrased from Wikipedia, lamella means- thin layers of plate like structures that appear in multiples. Kathleen uses thin slices of the lamella in her translucent layering technique. I also learned a simple way to make a polymer clay slab of lines. Kathleen Dustin uses this technique to accent the inside of her purses. Nance and I used it to cover a pen. We will not actually be making a finished piece, but will, instead, learn techniques that can be incorporated into a finished piece.
This month will be our raffle, so everyone bring something we can raffle off, so we can buy more resources for our wonderful library! Also, bring the name of a book or video that you would like to have added to our library.
Tissue Blade
Pasta Machine
Other Routine Polymer Clay Tools
Will need to bring something to take the raw clay slab and log home in
-1 bar of translucent Premo, unconditioned.
-At least 3 sheets of gold leaf, plain or variegated gold leaf will both work and it can be faux gold leaf. It doesn’t have to be the real deal.
**Striped Slab**
-1 bar of gold Premo -conditioned
-3-5 other colors of Premo-conditioned
Premo is the clay that Kathleen Dustin primarily uses. These techniques should work well with other polymer clay brands as well so feel free to use whatever clay you are comfortable with.