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December Meeting: Large Leaf Cane Christmas Tree

Christmas TreeHello clayers!
The next polymer clay guild meeting will be December 13th at 1:00p.m at the Norman Hobby Lobby store. Nance will be showing us how to make a beautiful Christmas tree ornament. We may not have time to complete the project so be prepared to transport it home for baking.
Nance provided us with this supplies list — check it out to see what you need to bring.
And don’t forget that December is a swap month. If you want to participate, bring one handmade item that fits this month’s theme: Angels. In exchange, you’ll receive one item from another swap participant.
Meeting announcement written by April G.

2 thoughts on “December Meeting: Large Leaf Cane Christmas Tree”

  1. I live in Pa.. and polymer clay instructors anr few and far between,, and i have taken three classes so far ,one a month, which isn`t near enough for me!! I am hooked!!! but i am in search of a Christmas tree cane with a bit of color in it,, to take slices off of for earring and pins,anyone know where i might find directions for one??

  2. Sorry, but Nance’s lesson was on making a leaf cane, with those individual leaves making up a Christmas tree. You can find instructions for a leaf cane online, but I gather that’s not what you’re wanting…? As far as an actual Christmas tree cane tutorial, I don’t know of one off-hand. I would recommend Googling it. If you don’t have any luck there, you might ask on one of the Yahoo groups (clay-polymer, for example). Someone might even offer to do a video class if there’s not a tutorial online. Good luck!

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