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December 2013 Meeting: Show & Tell + Fun!

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mermaidOur meeting will be held December 14th from 1:30 to 4:30 at the Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center at the State Fair Park (3000 General Pershing Blvd.).
In December, we don’t have a traditional lesson. Instead, we’ll have show & tell, where you bring something you made (perhaps inspired by one of our lessons this year) and explain how you made it. There will also be an optional “Dirty Santa” game, where you can swap your show & tell item and end up with another person’s creation. You don’t have to participate in the game if you want to keep your own item, though!
IMPORTANT: We will also be voting on one of the classes Christi Friesen will be teaching at the retreat. One of the classes will be an articulated mermaid (shown here), but we have LOTS of choices available for the second class! Penni Jo just posted the possible classes on the Yahoo group. For your convenience, they are also listed below:
They all look like they would be fun, don’t they? Please look them over this week and think about your favorites. We’ll probably have more than one round of voting to narrow the choices, since there are so many.
It was suggested we bring a goody to the meeting (cookies, chips, etc.) – not mandatory.
Hope to see you on the 14th!

NOTE: There is ongoing construction on May Avenue next to the fairgrounds. Gate 3 (the one nearest to the arts center) is completely closed until at least January 2014. Use Gate 5 further to the south, across from Forest Lumber. See this map for reference.