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April 11, 2009 Faux Stone And ‘Starry Night’ Techniques

Faux GraniteApril Meeting: Faux Stone and “Starry Night ” Techniques
Hello Clayers! Then next meeting will be **Saturday April 11th, 2009, 1-4p.m., at the Hobby Lobby in Norman (2417 W. Main, Norman, OK)**. Jane Linn will be teaching us 2 unusual and beautiful techniques, a faux stone technique that actually looks like real granite, and a Donna Kato “Starry Night” technique, which looks like Vincent van Gogh’s lovely painting. We are in for a real treat! Thanks Jane!
This month we will be having our swap. The theme is “blue” so everybody remember to bring something blue to swap. Also, if you have a suggestion for a new book for our library, bring that along too.
Pink Granite Faux Stone Technique
If possible, please condition your clay ahead of time because we are going to chop the clay and it will be easier to work with if it is not still warm from conditioning.
2 oz. of translucent clay-at least 2x the amount of white White clay
Black clay
A pinch of copper clay (optional)
-additional color for granite or pick your own colors for the color of faux granite you want.
Liquid clay
Acrylic paint-black, dark brown, or warm/neutral color
Optional: black and white embossing powders, macro pearl powders
Tools & Supplies pasta machine
Waxed paper
Nu-blade or firm blade or knife
Tissue blade
Optional: food grater (dedicated to nonfood use) Wet/dry sandpapers-220-, 320-, 400-, and 600-grits
Acrylic roller
Needle tool
Tile or a piece of card stock
Starry Night Cane ‘Starry Night’ Technique
3 colors of clay that you chose to put together (1 color dark, 1 color medium, and 1 color light-more can be added of different hues and intensities)