September 2014 Meeting: Witchy Halloween

by Myra on September 6, 2014

Meeting announcements: Due to the State Fair, we will be meeting this month from 1:30-4:30 p.m. at the Covenant Life Church, 3106 N. Utah Avenue, OKC, instead of our usual meeting place. Utah Avenue is about halfway between Meridian and Portland – here’s a map to help you find your way. This is also inchie month, with a theme of “back to school”, so bring some inchies to swap!

Chris Crossland will be our teacher this month, along with her friend Karen. Here’s her intro and supply list:

Hello, fellow clay addicts! Here is the supply list for the September 13th guild meeting. We are going to feature clay creations for fall and Halloween which incorporate glass pebbles, and we are totally excited about it! We will feature a snaggle-toothed green witch hovering over her crystal ball.

However, if you are just not “into” witchy things, you can make a beautiful fall leaf and acorn pendant instead. Karen and I will be providing the glass pebbles and everything you will need other than clay tools and the supplies listed below for each project. It would save a lot of time if you can have your colors mixed ahead of time. I have given the exact proportions below for the witch color mixes and they are based on the standard 2 oz blocks. Since such small amounts of wart-brown and snaggle-tooth ivory are needed, we will provide them for everyone. If you have any questions, just email me or ask in the forum.

Per special request (and you know who you are), we are also going to demonstrate and provide a handout for a black cat holding a pumpkin…we think you are gonna love this little guy!

Witch Pendant

  • Usual clay tools
  • Extruder with the disk that has about 18 holes (for witchy hair)
  • Texture mat – anything simple and swirly works fine, it’s for the back only
  • 3/4” and 1 1/2” circle cutters
  • Sculpey large ball stylus (the one that comes in that set of 3 tools with stylus on one end)
  • Mica powders: spring green and silver
  • AB glitter flakes
  • Green clay mix: Premo 1/2 block bright green pearl; 1/8 block Spanish olive; 1/8 block 18K Gold
  • Black clay mix: Premo 1/2 block black; 1/8 block pearl
  • 1/8 block Premo purple

Fall Leaf Pendant

  • Usual clay tools
  • PJ’s Oak Arbor mold (PJ 020). We will use molded leaves and acorns as a starting point and come up with a whole new look from this very versatile mold. We will also discuss free-hand cut leaves.
  • Mix 3 fall leaf colors (or more!)…use your favorite fall shades. Some suggestions are a golden green, a mid-tone green, and a red or russet. Premo Copper makes a great fall leaf color. If you plan to make the leaf pendant and are not sure of colors, email me and I will provide you with recipes that we have used and which work well together. We will also be providing a handout to everyone at the meeting which will include our favorite fall color recipes.
  • Medium brown mixture (for tendrils and acorns). Total of about 1/4 block of mixed color
  • Fall berry colors: 1/8 block each of Pomegranite and Alizarin Crimson
  • Mica powders: red russet; super copper; Aztec gold; mink; misty lavender (If you are like we are, you never go ANYWHERE without your mica powders, so if ya got ‘em, bring ‘em! We will, of course, bring all of ours to share.)


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