Minutes for the August 2019 meeting

Called to order at 1:32 pm by President Betty Bolerjack

8 members in attendance

Show and Tell:

The images are posted on our Facebook and Yahoo pages

Yahoo pages https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/OKPolyClay/photos/photostream

Our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/okpolyclay/?fref=ts

Program: Today’s program was presented by Kathy Luli on Clay Lace Bead Embroidery

Business Meeting:

Minutes of the July 14, 2019  meeting were approved after a Motion by Lori and a second by Kathy.  Laura volunteered to record the minutes today.

Program schedule for the following months was presented:

September – Lori Luli – Silk Screening

October – Cheryl Reich – Cane making

November – Cheryl Reich – Covering a glass ornament with a cane

December – Christmas Party

January 2020 – Making Bottles of Hope

Treasurer – LeeAnn Kelley

Membership: 26 paid members

Treasurer’s report was approved after a motion by Tom and second by Jane

Bottle of Hope CoordinatorTom Gibson reports we still need more Bottles of Hope

Librarian – Jane Linn: Polymer Studio has been received

Old Business:

 Retreat – Tom Gibson:  Request for proposals have been put out, but no responses have been received as yet.  Date of the Retreat has been moved to April 17, 18 and 19 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).  It will be held at Canyon Camp in Hinton, Oklahoma.  Discussion occurred regarding whether to make the retreat all-inclusive this year, rather than separate the classes out of the retreat registration.  The venue makes it possible to accommodate everyone in the classes.  Betty’s husband has volunteered to provide transport from the airport to the venue for those flying to the retreat.

New Business:

       Elections are scheduled for January 2020

Photographer:  Tom asked for feedback on the slideshow format of the photographs.


  • State Fair Contest registration ends 8/15/19, with entries turned in by 9/7/19. The Fair demonstration will be Sunday, 9/15/19, this is the day after our next meeting.  Connie suggested someone to coordinate what needs to be brought to the fairgrounds.  No volunteer identified.  Suggestion was made to print business cards to hand out.  It was moved by Kathy and seconded by Connie to buy these.  Motion passed.
  • Next inchie swap is in October
  • Drawing will be in September. If you won in the last drawing, please remember to bring something for the drawing.
  • Next Meeting: September 14, 2019

Submitted by: Laura Clarkson

Meeting for August 10, 2019

Our next guild meeting will be Saturday, August 10th, 2019 from 1:30-4:30 p.m, at New Day Church of the Nazarene, 5949 NW 39th Expressway in Warr Acres. Enter through the glass doors near the back of the building.

Kathy Luli will be teaching Lace Bead Embroidery pendant/ornaments.

Supplies for Kathy Luli’s clay lace bead embroidery pendant/ornament

You bring:
-Bead mat (or felt sheet or dish cloth)
-Magnifiers, if you want/need them

-Craft scissors (some will be available)
-Your favorite Clay lace, no larger than 3″
-Additional beads or crystals

Included in kit:
-Front and back felt
-Clay lace (3″ medallion in pearl)
-Assortment of beads (size 8 & 11) & crystals/rounds (2mm, 3mm, 4mm)
-Fireline thread (size=6lb)
-Needle (size 10 beading)

Also available:
-Size 15 seed beads
-Additional colors of beads & embellishments


Minutes for the July 2019 Meeting

Minutes for July 13, 2019 meeting of COPCG

Betty, our Guild President, called the meeting to order. We had 9 members in attendance and 1 visitor. Betty kicked the meeting off with Show & Tell. Attending members brought bottles of hope, necklaces, earrings, purse hangers, pin, and bracelets for all to enjoy. Our visitor brought several pieces of jewelry, too. Then the June’s minutes were offered up. Cheryl moved to accept and LeeAnn seconded it; all approved the minutes.

Shirley, our VP, updated everyone on who would be teaching upcoming classes. August will be Kathy, teaching polymer clay lace with bead embroidery; September will be Lori, teaching silkscreen; October and November will be Cheryl teaching a class in cane making and a follow up class covering a glass Christmas ornament. December is our Christmas party. Shirley suggested our January class should be to create more Bottles of Hope. All present agreed with the idea.

Play Day in July:

Penni Jo is having a play day on Saturday, July 27th at the Senior Citizens Center in Maysville. Penni Jo will be teaching a class on how to make her eagle feather cane. It will be 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and the class will be FREE. If we can get at least 7 people to sign up; the Senior Citizens Center ladies will make the attendees a fabulous homemade meal for a modest charge. Remember to communicate using Slack-Local.

Library and Treasurer reports:

Jane, our Librarian, was unable to attend. LeeAnn offered up the Treasurer’s report; we have 26 paid members. Katherine moved to accept and Shirley seconded. All approved the Treasurer report.

Bottles of Hope:

Tom announced he would deliver Bottles of Hope to The Toby Keith Foundation Kids Korral and the Troy and Dollie Smith Wellness Center; possibly next week.


Tom have communication with several guest artist for Retreat 2020, but we are in the very early planning stage. More information will be forthcoming. Last meeting, Canyon Camp & Conference Center near Hinton, OK; was selected as the new location for Retreat 2020.

Old Business – Website:

Cheryl and Betty offered a brief discussion on selecting a new host for our website. Both individuals are highly knowledgeable and realize much needs to be considered before the selection process is completed. Betty and Cheryl will continue to review options.

The State Fair of Oklahoma is coming up in September and registrations to exhibit will be July 1 – August 15. If you are experiencing problems with the online form; it was suggested to call the phone number on the form and ask to speak to Nancy. The Guild will be hosting a demo on September 15, from 2:00 to 6:00 pm. Currently 10 members will participate at the demo. Please use Slack-Local to communicate with Betty if you would like to participate.

At the present time, the COPCG is without a permanent home. We will be meeting at New Day Church of the Nazarene in Bethany for the August and September meetings. Betty will follow up with New Day to see if the room is available for October through December. In appreciation for the use of the Church’s room, the members present decided to donate $40 per meeting. Lori moved and Cheryl seconded it. All present approved.

Today’s program:

Our guest artist was Betty, who taught us how to make floral earrings made with margarite beads (little polymer clay flowers with a single hole in the middle). They were fun chain earrings that include extra crystals for added sparkle.

New Secretary:

Laura suggested for the next few months, a different member take the minutes at each meeting. In January, a new secretary could be elected, if Katherine does not return as she plans.

Our meeting ended with our drawing. Laura, Cheryl, and Tom were our winners!

Submitted by Katherine Barnes, Secretary COPCG

Eagle Feather Cane Workshop on Saturday July 27th with Penni Jo

Penni Jo will be teaching how to make the Eagle Feather cane. no charge. If you sign up she will send you the tutorial (as soon as it’s finished and I’m on the last page) . The date is Saturday July 27th from 9 to 5. Here is the materials list for the cane:

•Strong Polymer Clay needed:You may use Pardo, Premo, Kato or Fimo Classic. Just be sure you use the same clay brand throughout the cane to assure a good, strong cane.
Colors –
•2 to 3 blocks White,
•1 block of a Medium-Dark value Brown {Pantone 469u}, (NOTE: If using Premo, Mix 1 part Raw Sienna with 1 part Burnt Umber),
•1- 2 blocks of Black,
•1/2 – block Yellow. NOTE: A small part of the Yellow and Brown will be mixed with some of the white to make the Ivory color in the feathers.
•If using Premo, 1 1/2 blocks Ecru will work for Ivory and you won’t need yellow.


•Scotch or masking tape

•Pasta Machine for making the Skinner blend. In the instructions PM will stand for Pasta Machine.

•Long, flexible tissue blade or other flexible blade for cutting cane.

•A long rigid blade for cutting feather slices.

•Small piece of card stock for baking surface.Materials Needed for Projects Included

•For Earrings lower right, Instructions begin on page 14.

•2 ear wires, 2 eye pins. If no eye pins approx 5 inches 20 gauge wire. Beads: two 6mm silver tone, four each red & black seed beads or your choice of colors, sizes and style of beads. Optional beads on page 15, step 10.

•For Pendant left Instructions begin on page 13 at Step 68: Materials needed,

•Daisy shaped Separators, one 8mm, two 5mm and two 4mm spacers.•Eye Pin.

•Wire: about 5 inches of 20 or 22 gauge wire for feather pendant wire wrap.

•Tiny bits of colored clay red, turquoise & pearl clay.

• Viva Decor metallic paints or mica powders Turquoise, Coral or Scarlet, and Micro Pearl.

Meeting on July 13, 2019

Our next guild meeting will be Saturday, July 13, 2019 from 1:30-4:30 p.m, at New Day Church of the Nazarene, 5949 NW 39th Expressway in Warr Acres. Enter through the glass doors near the back of the building.

This is inchie month, with a theme of “Summer”. We will also have a drawing this month, so if you won something last time, bring some goodies for this one!

Betty will be teaching us how to make either floral or beaded earrings. Both are the same technique. These are fun earrings to make and can be as long or as short as you want, depending on the chain you use and the number of links. Fewer or smaller links will result in shorter earrings while larger or more links will give you longer earrings. The samples were made on 4mm curb chain using 6 links for each earring.

Please have your beads made up before the meeting. We will not be making the beads there. The floral earrings are made with margarite beads, little flowers with a single hole in the middle. If you have Prime, you can order a set of cutters from Amazon if you don’t already have some and they will arrive in plenty of time to get your beads made beforehand. This set contains a great set for making the margarite beads, using the next to largest cutter. In the 3rd photo on this page, they are the second from the top on the right.  https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07K756GWN/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 

The alternative, if you don’t have the flower cutters, or don’t want flowers, is to make 6-8mm beads in the shape of your choice.  You can even use all purchased beads if you don’t have time to make them and just want to learn the technique. The teal colored beads in the photo are 6mm glass pearls. Feel free to contact Betty ahead of time with any questions.


Earwires, 1 pair – your choice of finish

Chain in same finish as earwires, medium size links – at least 12 links

24+ flat or ball headpins in same finish

24 small pre-made margarite (flower) beads or beads of your choice

24 3mm crystals or seed beads if not using ball headpins

24 4mm crystals

Additional beads, crystals, etc., as desired


Round nose pliers or looping pliers

2 pairs of chain nose pliers (can be bent, straight, or both)

Wire cutters

Any other favorite tools or supplies you think you might want to use

Note: You should have at least one each of the above tools in your toolkit. Round nose pliers, though not preferable, can suffice for the second pair of chain nose pliers. Tools can also be shared.


June 2019 Meeting Minutes

Minutes for June 08, 2019 meeting of COPCG

Betty, our Guild President, called the meeting to order. We had 11 members in attendance. Betty kicked the meeting off with Show & Tell; then presented May’s minutes. Since a copy of the revised May’s minutes did not make it to our website, Betty sent the minutes out on Slack and brought in paper copies for those who attended today’s meeting. Angel moved to accept the minutes and Laura seconded it. All approved the minutes. A surprise from Connie; she brought an ice cream cone inchie for everyone.

Shirley, our VP, updated everyone on who would be teaching upcoming classes. July will be Betty; August – Kathy; September – Lori; October and November – Cheryl. December is our Christmas party.

Library and Treasurer reports:

Jane, our Librarian, did not receive any new books; and LeeAnn indicated she ordered a 2 for 1, but they have not arrived. LeeAnn read the Treasurer’s report; we have 26 paid members. Penni Jo moved to accept and Katherine seconded. All approved the Treasurer report.

Bottles of Hope:

Tom announced he would soon deliver Bottles of Hope to The Toby Keith Foundation Kids Korral and the Troy and Dollie Smith Wellness Center.


Penni Jo and Jane were our guest artists. The subject was Classic Elegant Vessel. The project was a six-sided vessel that included a domed top. Each member was presented a ten-page handout that showed very detailed step by step instructions, 53 colored photos, and drawings that could be cut out and placed upon your clay.

New Business:

Retreat 2020. Betty, Tom, and Connie visited Salyer Lake Conference & Retreat Center; and Canyon Camp & Conference Center. Both facilities are located near Hinton, OK. Betty provided a breakdown of the pros and cons of each place; and Tom provided a financial breakdown. The days of the Retreat would change to Friday through Sunday; which next year would be April 17-19, 2020.  After listening to their reports, it appeared Canyon Camp was agreeable to the members present. Jane moved to select Canyon Camp, and Angel seconded. It was unanimously approved. Betty indicated it would be necessary to put a deposit down immediately to guarantee the dates. Since we now have a location and confirmed dates, Tom will be sending out letters to various guest artists. More information to come.

Regarding our website, after a brief discussion; Angel moved we find a new host and Jane seconded it. All approved. Betty will be looking for a new host and welcomes any suggestions. Drawing will be held in July; and bring your Summer inches, too. Betty announced that the Guild will need to select a new secretary at the July meeting. Katherine must step down due to other obligations that shall continue through the end of the year.

The State Fair of Oklahoma is coming up in September and registrations to exhibit will be July 1 – August 15. The Guild will be hosting a demo on September 15, from 2:00 to 6:00 pm. Betty will be posting more information to Slack for our Guild members. Please use Slack to communicate your interest to participate.

Our July meeting will be at New Day Church of the Nazarene in Bethany. Betty will be our guest artist; making flower/beads earrings. She’s requesting the members to make their flower or bead components prior to the meeting. Our July project will be assembling the earrings.

Submitted by Katherine Barnes, Secretary COPCG


Our next guild meeting will be Saturday, June 8, 2019 from 1:30-4:30 p.m. in the Contemporary Arts Center at the fairgrounds.

For this months activity we will be making SIX SIDED CLASSIC, ELEGANT VESSEL taught by Penny Jo.

What to bring:

•Vessel body clay: 1 1/2 Blocks of clay in your choice of color (or, a mix of a solid (2 parts,) and a metallic, pearl or fancy clay like Opal,(1 part) etc.)
•Accent Color Clay:
ie. Gold, Silver, or other contrasting color.
•Optional: Mica Powders to brighten the accent color if desired
•4 by 4 inch tile on which to create the base and build the sides of your vessel. (We will provide one for everyone in class so no worry if you don’t have one.) (Please do not bring anything larger as the oven is not very big)
•Pasta Machine
•Work Surface
•Exacto Knife or other Craft Knife
•Smallest Etch & Pearl rod or a small, slender, metal rod.(optional, stylus)
•Extruder (we used Makins) & two disks.
1. the disk with four openings for the thinner embellishments
2. the disk with a single small hole about 2 or 2.5 millimeters.
•Straight edge blade, like tissue blade or razor blade, etc
•Sculptors steel rib (scraper) or the scraper in the Penni Jo’s Clay Tools Kit.
•Scissors to Cut Paper
•Bake-N-Bond or Poly Paste
•For decorative designs, bring your favorite molds
•Your Favorite Clay Tools