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September Meeting: Polymer Clay Artist Trading Cards

Yellow Goat X-ing ATCSeptember is International Artist Trading Card (ATC) Month — and to celebrate, we’re making polymer clay ATCs at this month’s meeting. Angela Mabray will be teaching the group all the basics of these little works of art — including the rules you shouldn’t break, the etiquette you should follow if you swap them, and some ideas on how you can use transfers, texture & more to make unique ATCs from polymer clay.
Here’s the meeting details:
* When: Saturday, September 8, 2007, 2:00 – 5:00 p.m.
* Where: The new Hobby Lobby in Norman, 2417 W. Main, Norman, OK. (The classroom is up front, near the check stands. Go right after entering & it’s the first door on the right.)
* What to Bring:
* Clay: You won’t need much for each card (1 block of clay will make 2-3 cards). Bring any colors you want. Angela has personally had good luck with Premo for image transfers, so you might bring that brand if you’re interested in doing a transfer.
* Work Surface: Small tile(s) that you can create your projects on, then put directly in the oven.
* Pasta Machine or Brayer
* Tools, Embellishments, Etc.: A clay blade is the main tool you’ll *need* — bring whatever else you think you’ll want. Rubber stamps & texture sheets are great for texturing the cards. Embellishments could include paper, fabric, beads, metal — anything you want to imbed in your project or glue on afterwards. Feel free to print your own image transfers if you have an idea (& a printer/paper combination that works for transfers) — or Angela will have some images already printed for transfers.
Angela is the current president of our group. She blogs about crafts at CraftyGoat’s Notes and sells crafts at She also has a few of her ATCs posted in this Flickr photo set, if you want a sneak peek at some of the ATCs you’ll be seeing.