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September 2022 Meeting with Syndee Holt

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Big news this month! We are excited to have Syndee Holt as our special guest artist via Zoom! She will be sharing a technique she calls 5 Minute Moku as well as her Tips, Tricks, and Toys. If you’ve ever had a class with Syndee, you know she is a lot of fun and has lots of tips and tricks up her sleeve.

Also, we are back to meeting at Betty’s house for now where we have a large TV for viewing Syndee’s demos. Meanwhile, Connie and Marc have been exploring a new meeting place. We hope to know something about that soon. 

The meeting will be September 17, 2022 at 1:30 pm at 6712 Randi Road, OKC. See map below. We will be broadcasting the meeting via Zoom. If you need access, please contact Betty.


Supply List

If you want to clay along, here’s what you will need to bring:
  • 3 or 4 colors of clay. Light, dark, medium.
  • Acrylic roller or wooden dowel around same size
  • Clay blade, pasta machine
  • Couple small sheets of paper
  • Cutter of any shape. Syndee uses a rectangle.