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November 2018 Meeting – Sugar Veil Demo and Faux Jasper Demo

Our next guild meeting will be Saturday, November 10th, 2018 from 1:30-4:30 p.m. in the Contemporary Arts Center at the fairgrounds.  We will also have a drawing this month, so if you won something last time, bring some goodies for this one!

Tom will be doing demos on Sugar Veil and faux Jasper.

Tools needed:

Pasta machine

Tissue Blade or other Blade

Acrylic Roller

Ball tool(s) or Fingers

Scraper/Squeegee (old credit card) like would be used for silk-screening.

Baby Wipes

Items needed For the Sugar Veil Demo and hands on sampling:

Liquid Sculpey will be provided.

We will have pearl Liquid Sculpey and mats available for sampling after the demo. If you have Oven-Safe mat or mold that you would like to share in the sampling please bring them.


Items needed for the Faux Jasper demo and hands on sampling:

One 2oz package each Translucent and white clay.

Note: Since the Jasper we are trying to achieve is the warmer hue the fact that translucent naturally yellows is a plus this time.

Gliders paste. I’ll be using Inka Gold it will be available for the sampling.

We will be slicing to make veneers, so you might bring something to cover, cabochons, beads, etc. Remember that translucent works best over white or very light backgrounds.