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Minutes of Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild meeting held July 10, 2010

Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild Meeting July 10, 2010
Our meeting began as usual with members visiting with each other while setting up for the meeting.
**1. Introduce / welcome guests**~~ Our guest was Starla Ballew. She brought a lot of lovely jewelry to the meeting for us to oohhh and aahhh over.
**2. Show and Tell** ~~ As usual there was much ooohing and aaaaahing as members showed their most recent creations. Jane showed the hand sculpted gum paste figures sculpted by herself and Penni Jo for Christian’s birthday cake. Lee Ann brought a beautiful necklace and wonderful two pins. Nance showed a lovely thisle ring. . April brought hollow vessels and hearts that blew us away.
**3. Minutes** ~~ Approved.
**4. Program**~~ Pinched Petal Necklace — We made canes from the colors we identified in our last meeting from the book Polymer Clay Color Inspirations.
Members made skinner blends from multiple colors, created a blended cylinder and inserted the almond shaped skinner blend center into the blended cylinder. After reducing the cylinder to a long rope, slices cut from this cane went slowly from one color to another revealing a beautiful set of petal beads.
**5. Old Business** ~~
A. State Fair Reminder – be sure to sign up before the 14th of August!!
B. We discussed Penni Jo’s idea to a very simple retreat and have a two day event where we could learn, share and grow. She would like for us to think about the idea. Makin’s will send samples for an event or guild special event. Successes: PJ has been asked to make a project for the Makin’s website and has been tapped to teach at 2011 Fandango.
C. August 10th is the deadline for the PolymerCafe challenge “Mica Shift This”
D. We celebrated Angela’s tool article in the PolymerCafe magazine.
Reminder: Christi Fresian will be teaching in Liberty Mo Oct 23 & 24. for more info: .
E. Alberquerque workshops:
> 1. Lindley Haunan Saturday Sept 26, $200.00.
> 2. Jana Roberts Benzon April 2&3 2011
> 3. Heather Campbell ‘Faux Batik’ Oct 2011
> 4. Sarah Shriver Summer 2011
F. Shirley: reminder about the Midwest City Library needing items for their display cases. She will call for info. An email update was sent to the group recently. April seems good for everyone, so I have scheduled our guild display at the Midwest City Library for April, 2011.
**6. New Business**~~ None.
**7. V.P. Report** (upcoming lessons)
August – Air dry flowers – Nance – Deco Clay can be ordered from Piece Makers.
September – Pillow beads by Jane
October – Faux Enamel & Faux Cloisonne – Angela
November – Carving – Angela
December – Meeting to be members ideas
**8. Treasurer’s Report**~~ Angela
Balance – $612.55 – Members – 10
**9. BOH Report**~~ Nance
Nance has been out of the loop but is coming back.
**10. Librarian Report** ~~ Jane:
Reported about the new DVD Claying Around with Lisa Palveka.
Showed the newest PolymerCafe June issue.
**11. Drawing for a new book** ~~ Jane:
We drew for the new book, Artful Ways with Polymer Clay by Dottie McMillan.
**12. Raffle / Swap**
July Raffle winners were Nance, Penni Jo (2 items) and Starla.
*August Swap ~~ Anything made using a technique learned at Guild*
**Next meeting August 14 at Hobby Lobby in Moore.**