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**Minutes for COPCG Business Meeting**

**Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild Meeting
Date: 7 – 09 – 11**
**Introduce / welcome guests**
Our meeting began as with members visiting setting up quickly as we have a long lesson today with many bakings. We had two guests: Marolyn Bryant from Shawnee and Cheryl Rains from OKC.
*Our thanks to Polyform for supplying clay for the projects. Everyone loved the fresh clay and busily conditioned the colors for the project.*
**Show and Tell**
(this is not very clear in my notes. Please forgive any misinterpretation of the scribbles I call writing.)
Show and tell was postponed until first baking. One guest Marolyn, showed her earrings, Sue showed her opal pendant started last month and a swirly pink bracelet, Lee Ann had Pens! and beautiful swirly MG Marquis shape beads; Angela showed a bracelet, pendant an a pen and pencil set. (or maybe I have become confused here) More Ooos and Ahhs followed when Shirley mentioned silver clay and showed a Kathleen style bead; PJ had a new mold, and Myra had a pendant, beads and buttons.
Jane brought the program “Coloring on Clay using Pencils and Markers”. She had prepared three tiles for each of us on which to test the coloring techniques. She also gave each of us fresh clay from Polyform to complete the class. This lesson taught us a wide variety of skills including:
> a. How to prepare the clay after baking using 220 or 320 grit emery paper to give ‘tooth’ to the baked clay.
> b. Introduction to covering a light switch cover with clay and baking.
> c. Demonstration of using Inktense water activated pencils.
> d. Demo of using water color pencils.
> e. Demo of using markers.
When our covered light switch covers were in the ovens baking, we began on our tiles first labeling each tile with the technique, sanding, then coloring the stamped images with the variety of water activated pencils and markers. There was much happy visiting and lots of questions as we all delved into the challenge of something new.
After coloring the tiles we used thin sheets of Premo Translucent and White Translucent as well as TLS (Translucent Liquid Sculpey) over the colored designs. After baking we all had our heads together trying to decide which of the effects we liked the best. TLS seemed to be the big winner while others liked the White Translucent.
Jane had lovely stamps to share as did some of the members. Beautiful light switch covers began to emerge as we practiced our new skills.
She also showed us some photos of beautiful bracelets by Ponsawan Sila that inspired the project as well as a bracelet that she’d made using several of the techniques that she taught today. What a great lesson. Thanks again Jane. And, thank you too to Polyform for the clay for the lesson.
**Business Meeting:**
**1. Approval of Minutes:**
Minutes posted on the website were approved.
2. Officers Reports:**
Vice President -Angela
– August: April will be teaching some techniques that she has learned while working for Hobby Lobby.
– Sept: Penni Jo will teach Faux Ribbon Embroidery. The class will be free to the members.
– Oct: Need a teacher or idea anyone game? 
– Nov: Still needing a teacher or an idea.
– Dec: Members will each bring a project made during the year, describe how they made it and may choose to swap it with members if desired.
**Treasurer- Angela**
Balance: $697.36
Members: 10 + 1 Marolyn Bryant joined making 11.
There were a number of expenses this month presented by Treasurer Angela.
> 1. Fabric for the Library show
> 2. New Checks
> 3. Books
Expenses were approved.
**BOH Report ~~ Nance**
No report this month. Although the ladies at the Presbyterian church may have an interest.
**Librarian ~ Jane**
Jane reported on the Green magazine. It is OK, but does not seem to be enough for the price.
New PolymerCafe is here. Looks good.
Book, Patterns in Polymer came in. It looks beautiful, excellent layout with color recipes, orderly layout presented important info in the same space on all the pages making it easy and fun to read and look at.
**Old Business:**
1. Promoting Polymer clay: Angela reported on opportunities to demonstrate at the Festival of the Arts. The time requirement was too much for a small group like ours. They needed us there for long hours during the day. After some discussion it was decided that it is not feasible for us at this time
2. The possibility of individuals demonstrating our hobby singly at the entrance of a local store came up. We have seen demonstrators showing their art before at a set up near the entrance. What do we need to do to find out if we can do this? Shirley will contact April for further info.
3. Guild Report: 
**a**. Locations. Shirley reported the following:About the Edmond Community Center facility: It would be room 222, which requires a refundable deposit of $50. Set up/take down & clean fee: $20.
Occupancy loads: Theater: 50; Classroom: 35; Banquet: 50 – you’d think this would take the most space??
Rates: 5 hrs is $65 plus set-up. Full day (8 a.m.-10 p.m.) is $111 per day.
She assured me the room can be locked.
Not a good kitchen – deep laundry room type double sinks & need ice chest for food.
Parking: during weekdays we’d be sharing it with the police station & maybe a bank. But she said 35 people shouldn’t have a parking problem. No competition Saturdays. Shirley will put their leaflet in the mail to me.
**b**. PJ Reported on Memorial Presbyterian Church in Norman found by Nance.
Costs: $100.00 a day and $75.00 janitorial fee for an allover cost of $37.00. Angela mentioned that we can use the monies in our treasury for the retreat.
Great big room with big kitchen.
The cost was about the same for both. After much discussion, it was decided on Memorial Presbyterian in Norman. PJ will write to the pastor and ask if the facility is secure, are the dates open and how early can we come and how late can we stay.
A motion was made by Shirley that, the facility will our first choice if the hours, security and dates check out. If so then we would like to plant to have our retreat there. Seconded by Jane, motion carried unanimously.
**New Business?:**
None of record
Jane “It’s a girl!”
Library Drawing for a new book ~ Jane:**
Winning Title:Woodland Creatures by Christi Friesen
**Swap or Raffle**
Winners of the raffle: PJ won two, Marolyn won two and Myra one raffle.
Next month will be a Swap: Theme ~~ Light switch covers.
Next meeting:
At Hobby Lobby in Moore.
August 13, 2011 at 1:30 PM