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**Minutes for COPCG Business Meeting**

Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild Meeting
Date: June 11, 2011
**1. Introduce / welcome guests**
Our meeting began as usual with members visiting with each other while setting up for the meeting, unpacking our work kits, setting up ovens all the while visiting and sharing.
**2. Show and Tell**: Myra showed a fabulous necklace using the Kali cane from the lesson last month. Jane showed a bracelet with the technique for July’s meeting. Penni Jo showed things from Fandango. Nance showed samples of faux Labradorite and faux opal, the items we would be learning to make in class.
**3. Program – A Gem of a Class**: Since there will be a number of bakings, Nance’s class began immediately after Show and Tell. We learned the technique of making faux opals first beginning with lining a bezel with super thin white clay. The clay was dusted with pearl ex powders. Layers of opal like flakes were pressed into the clay along with sprinkles of glitters. The Labradorite began with thin black clay, pearl ex powders, and glitter. When we were happy with the effects, having viewed the ‘real’ stones, we put a thin layer of liquid clay in each bezel and baked the pendants. The liquid clay was then clarified using a heat gun. After clarification, more pearl powders, and a bit more glitters and more liquid clay were applied and the piece baked again. We each could continue this process at home until the desired dome was reached.
**4. Minutes:** The minutes had been sent by email to members. There was one correction. April moved we accept the minutes. Nance seconded. Approved.
**5. Officer Reports:**
*A. V.P. Report (upcoming lessons) Angela:*
– July — Jane will teach drawing on clay, covering the types of colored pencils etc. We will have our choice of a switch plate or pendant as these are flat and will be a good practice surface. She will contact Polyform for clay for the class.
– August — April will teach a class in mixed media.
– September — Penni Jo will teach some of the Faux Embroidery techniques that she taught at Fandango
*B. Treasurer’s Report ~~ Angela*
Balance – $768.34
Members – 10
*C. BOH Report ~~ Nance*
*D. Librarian Report ~~ Jane:*
The newest book did not come in this month.
**6. Old Business:**
**7. New Business**:
– A. State fair demo to be Sept 18th 2-6 PM was approved.
– B. Regarding our goal of spreading the news about polymer clay, Angela’s question: is there a more art-oriented venue where we could demonstrate?
– The place where Myra’s booth is at has an area where we might demo.
– Ruth might be able to give info on the Festival of the Arts in April 2012. Shirley will call to see if demonstrators have a parking area or not.
– C. 2012 Guild Retreat.
– The group decided that the first thing needed is a venue and dates.
– Penni Jo volunteered to be the Steering Committee Chairman. She will look for likely places in Moore. The rest of us will review places like hotels, churches, community centers etc and let her know what they find before the next meeting. Shirley was going to do some research in Edmond. Nance volunteered to contact OU. Someone mentioned Elks Clubs. There was an idea to contact school boards for available facilities. We discussed a Thursday, Friday Saturday format, especially if meeting in a church and a Friday Saturday, Sunday format for working people to be able to attend. We also discussed briefly a later in the evening format like 5;30 to midnight or so.
– Ruth has sent a lot of info to Penni Jo already.
– 4. Other new business. None.
**8. Drawing for a new book ~~ Jane**:
Patterns in Polymer was the book drawn.
**9. Swap**
Jane, Lee Ann, Myra and Nance brought swap items.
Jane got Lee Ann’s, Lee Ann got Myra’s, Myra got Nance’s and Nance got Jane’s.
**Next meeting:
July 9th at 1:30.
At Hobby Lobby in Moore**.
See you all there!