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Minutes for COPCG Business Meeting: February 2011

Seven members and three guests were in attendance at our February meeting. Shirley welcomed Myra, Denise, and Rhonda, the three guests. She began the meeting with Show and Tell and members shared some fabulous clay projects they had made.
Because we have only email addresses for some, Shirley asked those who would like to add their address and cell phone number to our records. This will be helpful in times when more than an e-mail is needed.
Because of our presenter was ill, our “live” program on Kaleidoscope Canes was changed to a DVD on caning: Intricate Kaleidoscope Caning with Sarah Shriver. Since Lee Ann, April, and Ruth had previously viewed this DVD and followed the instructions, they were able to interject helpful thoughts and comments as we went along.
Jane moved the December 2010 business meeting minutes be approved. Angela seconded the motion. The minutes were approved.
Lee Ann made a motion to approve the January 2011 business minutes. April seconded the motion. The minutes were approved.
Shirley, Jane, and Myra met at Hobby Lobby’s classroom on the 5th Saturday, January 29th. A great time was had by all! Myra has even finished the bracelet she started at the meeting.
Midwest City Library show is coming up in April. The display will run the entire month. Set up is scheduled at 1:00 PM on Sunday, April 3. Shirley contacted the library and confirmed there are a total of six shelves in the two glass displays.
The shelf dimensions are approximately 12 inches by 63 inches. The space between them is approximately 14 inches. It was suggested that a solid black background of fabric in both displays would work best to accent our work. This will also unify the two cases. Shirley asked Angela and Jane to work on the signage.
We need to see what we are going to display and figure out how to organize it. This will tell us what additional items are needed. Shirley asked all of us to bring the following to our March guild meeting:
1. Our display pieces.
2. Our displays (covered gift boxes or other covered cardboard boxes which are not too large, etc.).
3. Written information for each piece (your name, name of your piece, if any, and technique used).
In Penni Jo’s absence, Jane gave a report on the tentative April retreat. As of now, Penni Jo is trying to get in contact with a church that she is aware of that lets outside groups use their well-lit activity building. Until a facility is secured, the retreat remains very tentative.
**New Business**
Proposed New Office
Shirley asked about our practice regarding visitor following-up, an area that has fallen through the cracks. A membership chairman was suggested, and April offered to take the responsibility in the future. Her availability will depend on how her job works out.
Future Programs
Mosaics with Angela
Tentative: Retreat
Penni Jo has been working on this, but it is not definite.
Tentative: Kaleidoscope Canes with Sue
Angela reported a balance of $763.93. We have 9 members.
**Bottles of Hope Project**
Nance asked for help for contacts to get more bottles to cover.
**Guild Library**
Jane reported on our newest library item:
Creative Sparks by Dayle Doroshow and Cynthia Tinapple.
**Drawing for New Library Book**
We had no drawing because of our subscription to **Polymer Cafe** Magazine is ready for renewal. This month, we will use our library funds for the renewal.
**February Swap**
The theme for February’s swap: “Love Is in the Air”
Myra brought a beautiful faux lapis lazuli bracelet
Lee Ann brought a blue swirl lapel pin heart
Angela brought a box embellished with clay hearts
Nance brought a fun red and gold heart on a red chain heart
Jane brought a purse holder embellished with clay dove and hearts.
**January Raffle**
Jane, Teresa (guest) and Angela won the raffle in January. There will be a raffle in March.