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Minutes for Oct. 13, 2018


Central Oklahoma Polymer Clay Guild

Meeting convened by President Betty Bolerjack at 1:40

11 members in attendance with 2 visitors


Show and Tell

The images from Show and Tell are posted on our Facebook and Yahoo pages.

Yahoo pages

Our facebook page:



Penni Jo and Jane presented today’s program on Chrysanthemums


Business Meeting:

Secretary – Approval of Meeting Minutes: 9/8/18. Lori moved, Jane seconded minutes be approved with the following corrections:

  • Connie’s show and tell was “3D”printing
  • The auction was discussed without a decision
  • Drawing is in November not this month.Program schedule for upcoming meetings: December: Christmas Party – Dirty SantaNeed teachers for February, March, May, June, July, August, September, October, and November 2019.Treasurer – LeeAnn Kelley reported we have 31 paid members currently and updated the financial report. Penni Jo moved and Jane seconded to accept the report. Report accepted.Bottles of Hope Coordinator: Tom Gibson  We will be ordering “Polymer Journeys 2019.”Webmaster: Cheryl Reich is the Webmaster. okpolyclay@adolia.bizOld Business:
  • Librarian: Jane Linn: Polymer Arts Magazine, this is the last issue. Our subscription will be transferred to the new Polymer Arts Projects magazine. Jane shared information about Ginger Allman and Katie Way being featured in the final Polymer Arts Magazine. Helen Briel is also featured in the issue. Helen was inspired by the book “The New Clay.”
  • Do not have enough Bottles to delivery yet. Are providing to Integris and Toby Keith Kid’s Korral. Need more Bottles
  • January (2019) – Bottles of Hope
  • November: Tom-Sugar veil mats with liquid polymer clay
  • Vice President – Not present
  • Retreat: 4 artists have submitted proposals. They are: Katy Oskins, Corlis Rose, Eugenia Topina and Jenny Sorenson. Tom will be making these proposals available for review and voting, which will be open to all of last years attendees as well as members. Look for the email coming your way.
  • Jane reported on Deb Hart’s class held on October 6, 2018.
  • Discussion of the Fair demo. Connie suggested that next year we designate someone to coordinate the activity so cards, banner etc are at the table.
  • Discussion of display at the Yukon Library in January 2019. Items for display are due by the December meeting. Connie and Betty will be in charge.Announcements:  
  • Respectfully submitted by Laura Clarkson, Secretary COPCG
  • Next Meeting is November 10, 2018
  • Drawing:    Next month, if you won in September be sure to bring goodie bags. (Winners: Connie, Carmen, Tom, Deborah)