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Minutes for November 11, 2017

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Meeting notes by Katherine Barnes

Number of attending 14

Number of visitors   0

Show and Tell

Deborah showed the rose wine glasses that we will be embellishing with rose petals sepals and stems. Connie an example of Sugar veil. Penni Jo, new mold PJ 057 Halloween. Wendi read the note from Kid Corral. Lee Ann had several pendants. Tom showed bottles of hope and Wendi’s bottle of hope too.


Our program today was by Deborah DiMaggio – decorating wineglasses with rose petals and leaves. There were rose petals in every color under the sun it seemed and all were beautiful.

Business Meeting

The business meeting opened with a discussion of the upcoming Treas. election and the duties involved. It will be very hard to replace Angela and we will miss her. We discussed next month’s Christmas party. Connie has sent out an email asking for people to volunteer for goodies at the Christmas party in order to avoid overlapping. We will once again play dirty Santa and have asked that members bpring a polymer clay exchange if they like.

Officers / Volunteers Reports

Secretary’s minutes

Penni Jo presented the minutes of the last meeting and they were approved. Deborah moved we accept them. Wendi seconded.

Vice-President  – Jane Linn

In January, Jane will do a program on polymer clay and wire

Since we will elect a new president and a new vice-president in January, the new vice-president will give us information on upcoming monthly projects. Jane has a few months already booked.

Treasurer report – Angela Mabray

Was given and approved. We now have 32 members.

Bottles of Hope Coordinator – Wendi McKinnon

Wendi reported that everyone loves the bottles that are being donated. Tom reported that a $13 check was donated to our Guild buy a bottle of hope recipient. He bought tiny “HOPE” charms for the members to add to their Bottles of Hope if they would like.The membership was pleased to hear of this lady’s generous donation.

Librarian – Jane Linn

Jane reported on the magazine “Polymer Week” and it was decided by the membership to subscribe for at least one year and add this magazine to our library. The magazine comes out four times a year.

Webmaster – Myra Cleveland

Myra reported that everything is fine.

Photographer – Tom Gibson

Tom reported that he will put up the photographs from today’s meeting on our Facebook page.

Party Planner – Connie Farrell

Connie is working on the Christmas party.

Mail Support & Comfort – Connie Farrell

No report at this time.

Old Business:


Tom Gibson has been in touch with Alice Stroppel our teacher for 2018. Tom said we might do a cane class in March 2018 to prepare for her class which uses canes. Cheryl volunteered to do a cane class in February.

Tom asked for volunteers to look for people to sign up to send out requests for goody bag items for the retreat. He has five sheets and was able to get for volunteers Connie Penni Jo, himself and one other..

There was no New Business

There were no Announcements

We will have the bi-monthly drawing in January 2018.

The next inchie theme is winter. If you would like to swap inchies, bring winter inchies.