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Minutes for June 2013 Meeting

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Our June meeting opened with Show & Tell. Gregg showed the armature he is making for the fishing scene he is creating. He also shared his Bottle of Hope where he used gold metallic and black acrylic paint to do a bronze technique. Jane displayed a ruffle bracelet she made from the instructions in the Polymer Arts magazine. She showed a tool she covered using the labordorite lesson we had at our May meeting. She also displayed a reversible transfer bracelet colored with Inktense pencils. Cheryl showed a necklace also made using the labordorite technique. Those who created pearl themed inchies show them.

Tom announced that Penni Jo, our retreat director, requested that we review the retreat in July when she will be able to attend. However, she asked that we decide about the location for next year so we could reserve a place quickly. A general discussion ensued regarding the positive and negative factors of our current facility. We agreed that placing the ovens outside of the kitchen worked much better. The general consensus was that we would try to reserve the same location for next year.

The May minutes were approved with the correction that both Lisa and Penni Jo will teach the October class on polymer clay and gourds. Jane made the motion which was seconded by Lisa.

LeeAnn announced the lessons for the next meetings will be:
July – Myra will teach mother of pearl inlay.
August – Angel will teach the hound’s tooth cane.
October – Lisa & Penni Jo will present polymer clay on gourds.
We need volunteers to teach in September and November.

Janice will see about reserving the club house at her complex for the September meeting. We will be required to hold our meeting at another location because of the state fair. It was also suggested that we move our February meeting to a different Saturday so we can avoid the traffic of the Affair of the Heart.

Angela gave the treasurer’s report. She also announced that we now have 24 members with Kathy being our latest addition.

There is a fair amount of treasury monies. We discussed reducing the annual dues to $24 per year. It was proposed that we do away with the point system that has been used in the past to reduce dues. It was also recommended that we reimburse teachers for supplies when they teach. The guild will reimburse them $10 without receipts and up to $25 if they submit receipts. These changes will be effective immediately. Marsha made the motion and Angel seconded it. The motion was passed.

The new library purchase for this month will be Betina Welker’s new bracelet book.

In new business, the state fair has asked if the guild will again do a demonstration on Sunday, September 15, from 2 – 6 pm. Angela will send out an email to determine how many members will be able to attend.

Lisa presented the lesson on making your own alcohol inks. We each made several colors and then tried them out on translucent clay and clay with metallic leaf. It was a lot of fun.

The meeting was adjourned. Our next meeting will be July 13 at 1:30 pm at the OKC Arts Center on the state fair grounds.