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Minutes for February 2016 Meeting

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Minutes recorded by Marsha

Penni Jo called the meeting to order.


There were 15 members at our February 13, 2016 meeting.

 Angela gave the treasurers report. We have a balance of $7635.26 We have 23 paid members. She reminded all that dues are due.

The Retreat Registration is live and we have started receiving registration monies.

 Next we had show and tell. Tom, Penni Jo, Jane, LeeAnn, Connie and Lori brought great ‘show and tell’ items. Check out all of the Show & Tell items brought to the meeting on the guild website. 

 A question came up about a large bottle of hope that the clay had cracked on.

Great Tip: The recommendation was made that when heating clay with glass, it is best if you do not preheat the oven, (put your piece in the oven then turn on), after heating for your allotted time, leave your piece in the oven, time turn off the oven and let the piece cool down in the oven then remove.


A motion was made and seconded to approve the January minutes, the motion passed.

 Bottles of Hope:  Connie has the contact for the Toby Keith House. She urged everyone to try and make a bottle a month.

Librarian: Jane reported we did not receive any new books this month.

Retreat: Tom noted we have received some donations for the retreat and some correspondence from requestees declining to donate.

 Upcoming programs:

  • March:  Class with Deb Hart – Owl
  • April:  Twister Retreat
  • May:  Light Up Christmas Tree with Laura and Spring Inchies

Watch for information on website for OK POLY-CLAY TWISTERS RETREAT in April.

Our lesson was taught by Lori, The Light Up Pendant.

It was great fun and her larger than life samples made seeing and understanding the project so much easier and fun.

Next month will be raffle month.

Our next regular meeting will be March 12 , 2016, 1:30 pm at Oklahoma Contemporary Art Center on the OKC Fairgrounds.