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Minutes for December 15, 2018

(Date of meeting was rescheduled from 12/8/18 due to forecasted winter storm)

Called to order at 1:30 pm by President Betty Bolerjack

12 members in attendance


Show and Tell:

The images are posted on our Facebook and Yahoo pages

Yahoo pages

Our facebook page:


Program: This was the annual Christmas Party. Dirty Santa gift exchange. Pictures can be viewed at the above websites.


Business Meeting:Minutes of the November 10, 2018 meeting were approved after a Motion by Tom Gibson and a second by Katherine Barnes


Vice President –   Shirley Conway presented the schedule for the following months:

January 2019 – Bottles of Hope

February 2019 – Cheryl – Kato color kits

March 2019 – Laura – Translucent cane

April 2019 – Retreat

Still looking for volunteers to do programs for May, June and July.

August 2019 – Kathy Luli

Treasurer – LeeAnn Kelley

Balance: $6885.84       Membership: 33 paid members

Memberships expire this month and renewals are due in January. Can pay by PayPal.

Bottle of Hope CoordinatorTom Gibson reports we still need more Bottles of Hope

Librarian – Jane Linn: last issue of Polymer Arts was received and will now be receiving Polymer Studio. Discussion occurred re: any new resources to purchase. Laura Clarkson reported she has Christi Friesen’s new book, “Do You See What I See.” Might be something we would want.   Will bring it to the January meeting.

Old Business:

Retreat – Tom Gibson: Tom reported the venue has been secured and Eugena Topina will be the guest artist

Yukon Library Display: Connie volunteered to be in charge of organizing the display. Will send out email with details for those wishing to bring items directly to the library.

New Business:

Group Communication: Betty has concerns about how to communicate quickly with all members. Discussion occurred regarding some having difficulty receiving communication notices when messages are posted in the Yahoo Group. Tom said he and Myra are administrators for the Group. An Ad Hoc Committee was appointed to explore options – Betty, Connie and Cheryl.

Drawing: Discussed the # of bags has increased. Was decided that next month, those who won more than one bag at the November drawing would only provide one bag for the drawing. January will be a drawing month. Those who won in November are Laura, Tom and Connie.

Inchies: Inchie exchange is also in January. Theme is Winter.


Submitted by: Laura Clarkson, Secretary COPCG