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Minutes for August 2013 Meeting

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Tom opened the meeting with Show and Tell. Myra showed a metallic mosaic vase. Lisa displayed her experiment with Viva paints, one using translucent clay and paint in a jelly roll cane. She also showed her completed faux mother of pearl piece we did at last month’s meeting. Jane shared her extruded bracelet from Betina Welker’s new bracelet book. She also showed her two Bottles of Hope. One was covered in the leaf and alcohol ink process that Lisa taught. The other was carved and then back filled with clay. They were very pretty. Penni Jo presented their new mold, Caboshapes III – Triangles. She displayed a necklace she made using the triangular shapes with the embroidery technique she taught several months ago.

LeeAnn taught Texture Encrusted Whatzits. Proof of the fun was the uncharacteristic quiet as everyone worked away covering our items. Lots of exciting ideas and fun uses for molds abounded.

The July minutes were approved with a motion by Tom and a second by Jane.

We decided to not have a Saturday meeting in September. Our meeting would have been the day before our demonstration at the fair. Because we have to find another location for the meeting and because of the proximity of the date, we felt it would be best to just do the fair demonstration as our meeting.

LeeAnn announced the upcoming programs:

October – Nance will teach; be prepared for spooks!

November – Penni Jo and Lisa will teach polymer clay on gourds

December – our annual exchange

January – Angel will teach a cane

Angela gave the treasurer’s report. The guild has 24 members.

Nance gave several Bottles of Hope to the Mercy Oncology Center. She said it is the first time that we have received an expression of appreciation. She was told that one woman was moved to tears with the gift. She asked everyone to please work on creating bottles because they are asking for more.

Penni Jo reported that Patty Barnes will be coming Oct 19 to teach a Saturday class on faux malachite and faux dichroic glass. The class will be from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. We will meet at the Canadian Shores Mobile Home Park’s club house in Norman. The cost is $60 for members and $75 for non-members. Jane is collecting monies for the class.

We discussed covering the cost of transportation and housing for the class teacher. A motion was made by Cheryl to use our treasury funds to cover these costs. Lisa seconded it. It was approved by all.
Penni Jo mentioned that we need to have someone who will take on the responsibility of corresponding with teachers and taking care of registration for future classes.

We discussed next year’s retreat. Penni Jo said that because their business is growing so fast, she will need to have someone else be responsible for requesting donations for the retreat raffle and goody bags. Penni Jo will continue to try and make contact with the artist who said she would love to come to teach at the annual retreat. If she is not successful in reaching her, Penni Jo will send out a call for a teacher.

Angela reported that our demonstration at the fair will be Sunday, September 15 from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Because of the limited space, if we have enough volunteers, we will split into two shifts. The deadline for entry into the fair’s polymer clay competition is August 15th. More information is available on the State Fair website.

We agreed to order the new book, Polymer Clay Global Perspectives by Cynthia Tinapple.

We did the inchie exchange. In October, Alex, Tom and Cheryl will bring prizes for the raffle. The November inchie theme will be water.

The meeting adjourned. Our next meeting will be October 12th from 1:30 to 4:30 at the OKC Contemporary Arts Center on the state fairgrounds.