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May 2019 Meeting Minutes

Minutes for May 11, 2019 meeting of COPCG


Betty, our Guild President, called the meeting to order. We had 14 members in attendance. Betty kicked the meeting off with Show & Tell. Penni Jo, Jane, Betty, Connie, Lori, Kathy, Cheryl, and Tom; all brought items. Then March’s minutes were presented. Cheryl moved to accept, and Penni Jo seconded. A surprise from Connie; she brought a green froggy inchie for everyone.


Shirley, our Vice President, announced Penni Jo and Jane would teach June’s meeting; and they promised it would be exciting and interesting. And Betty will discuss her flower earrings that we will assemble in July’s meeting.


Library and Treasurer reports:

Jane, our Librarian, showed two new books to be added to our extensive library; and asked for input to order new books. Last year’s Retreat DVD was added, too. LeeAnn read the Treasurer’s report; we have 26 paid members. Connie moved to accept and Cheryl seconded.


April’s Retreat:

Tom gave his report on how well the Retreat went this year. He discussed the goodie bags, auctions, and door prizes.


Bottles of Hope:

We need more bottles to continue making Bottles of Hope. Tom brought several BOH that were donated from the Retreat; and we appreciate all clayers who worked so hard on these lovely creations.



Tom taught our May class. The subject was armatures. He did a detailed breakdown of the use of wire armatures within your polymer clay figures. He provided a tremendous number of tips; such as using floral tape to wrap aluminum wire because clay doesn’t stick to metal; foil doesn’t stick to foil, so wrap it in aluminum tape to build your bodies; and use bamboo skewers for arms and legs, because clay sticks well to wood.


New Business:

Betty discussed next year’s Retreat; and why the Retreat Director (who does a tremendous amount of work organizing the event throughout the year) should have their expenses covered; such as paying their Retreat fee and paying for a mid-priced hotel room for the 3 nights. Connie moved to accept this motion, and Jane seconded. It was unanimously approved. Also, Connie will look into possibly finding a new location; and the Guild will consider changing the Retreat from Thursday to Saturday; to a more convenient Friday to Sunday timeframe. And who shall be next year’s guest artist? Possibly Julie Picarello; Tom will contact her and let us know.


Connie was nominated to fill the vacate position of Party Planner; and she accepted. Betty discussed the ongoing problem with our website; and she will do some research to see what’s going on. We decided not to do the drawing this month. Anyone who won the last drawing should bring in a goodie bag for June’s Drawing. Lori and Kathy announced they are moving to Virginia; possibly early next year. We were all so sorry to hear this, but they promised to come to Retreat next year.


Betty followed up on an earlier discussion regarding the Contemporary Arts Center telling us to vacate their building by June 30, 2019. Our June meeting will be our last at this Center. Regarding our extensive library, Betty has storage space available at her home. As for a place for our members to meet; when space is available, we can meet at New Day Church of the Nazarene in Bethany; or the Yukon Library. Betty has graciously offered her own home to be used by us for monthly meetings, too.


Submitted by Katherine Barnes, Secretary COPCG