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March Meeting: Extruder Canes

April Salcedo will be showing us how to create four different extruder canes, her method to mapping extruder canes, how she wraps and preserves her canes. You can visit her [Flickr Site]( if you would like to view more of her extruder canes and other polymer clay items.
**When:** Saturday, March 8, 2008, 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. (Do not forget about the new meeting time)
**Where:** The new Hobby Lobby in Norman, [2417 W. Main, Norman, OK](,+Norman,+OK+73069,+USA&sa=X&oi=map&ct=title). (The classroom is up front, near the check stands. Go right after entering & it’s the first door on the right.)
**What to Bring:**
– **Already conditioned clay** (amounts for each cane are listed beneath their pictures. All in all you should bring about 5 packages of clay) April recommends Fimo Classic, or maybe Premo, or Kato (if you can get it good and conditioned) for the canes. The firmer the clay the tougher it is to extrude, however, the less distorted and better the cane will be. *April strongly suggests conditioning your clay ahead of time, as we will be pressed for time to complete the 4 different canes in 3 hours…. mostly due to having to extrude the pieces*
– **Pasta Machine**
– **Tissue Blade**
– **Ceramic tile or other hard, flat, smooth surface for reducing**.
– **Clay extruder and the small square and small triangle dies**. (If you have the Makin’s Extruder they come with this extruder) – If you don’t have these dies, I’m sure we can share.
– **Circle cutter** (close to the size of the barrel of your extruder) *optional*
– **2-3 Quart size Baggies, scotch tape and scissors** (April can share if needed) *optional*
**A simple Jelly Roll Cane** She made these beads with this technique:
*Clay amount:
1/2 pkg of Color A and 1/2 pkg of Color B*
**A Checker Board Cane:**
*Clay amount:
1/2 pkg of Color A and 1/2 pkg of Color B*
**A simple Quilt Pattern Cane:**
*Clay amount:
1/2 pkg of Color A and 1/2 pkg of Color B*
**A “Retro” cane:**
*Clay amount:
1/2 pkg of Color A and 1/2 pkg of Color B and 1/2 pkg of Color C*
***April regrets that we won’t have the time to make any actual projects with our canes, but we will have 4 wonderful canes to take home with us!***