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March 2007 Meeting Notes

Spring Necklace SetThanks to Penni Jo Couch for writing up the minutes for the March 10th meeting.
Penni Jo started the meeting by showing three necklaces that could be made using similar techniques. Each person picked up a project sheet for the necklace of their choice.

  • Faux Silver with AB crystal
  • Burgundy Rose with leaves and earrings
  • Spring flower cluster with Jonquil crystals and matching butterfly earrings with Peridot crystals

Members then followed these steps:

  1. The necklace was made by molding first the leaves, then layering the leaves first to form a base for the center piece
  2. The rose was molded next then added to the molded base of layer leaves.
  3. A dent was made to receive the crystal, and the crystal would be pressed in firmly.
  4. Pearl powders were added to the base clay colors. For a silver look, silver powder was brushed onto silver clay. Other colors of pearl powders were used for different effects as were different base colors of clay.
  5. The piece was baked. When cool, ribbon carrier bands were added to the back of the piece.
  6. The piece was baked again, face down in poly-fil.
  7. Lastly, the beads were strung onto a ribbon, then the center piece and then more beads as per each person’s unique design.

When the pieces went into the oven we had a meeting. We discussed the following:

  • Polymer Clay Central March Face the Music challenge: The members were encouraged to make something if possible.
  • April Meeting: We saw a full color printout of the mica shift type bracelet that Christie will be teaching next month. After much oohing and aahhing, we all declared that we were blown away and looking forward to the lesson.
  • Bank Account: It was announced that we now have a bank account and we can pay our dues by check.
  • March Play Day: We discussed the Play Day and bottles of hope. Penni Jo has a box of the small bottles that came with syrup in them from Cracker Barrel restaurant and will have them there for anyone who needs a bottle. It was announced that only Fimo Clay can be used for the AMACO entries.

We all had a great time, and there were six members in attendance.
We finished the meeting around 5:50 as the stain glass group would not be coming that evening.