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June Meeting: Leaf Canes

Blue, Purple Leaves by ChristieNever seen blue & purple leaves before? They’re just a sampling of the color combinations you can make with polymer clay! This month, Christie Wright will be teaching us how to make colorful leaf canes. It’s really 3 lessons in one — she’ll be teaching us about caning, about Skinner blends, and about reducing canes.
Christie sells beautiful hand-crafted polymer clay items through DragonflyLane and through her new Etsy shop. Christie’s a member of our group and a repeat teacher. You can check out her blue and purple leaf cane at her Flickr page — where you’ll also find more examples of her leaves and other work.
Here are the meeting details:
* When: Saturday, June 9, 2007, 3:30 – 5:30 p.m.
* Where: Hobby Lobby at I-40 and MacArthur, 6104 West Reno, Oklahoma City, OK. (The classroom is in the very back of the store.)
* What to Bring:
* Clay: Christie recommends using KATO, Premo, or FIMO brands for caning. (Avoid Sculpey III as it’s very soft and can be frustrating to reduce.) Bring 1/2 block each of 2-3 colors. Three colors will make a color-blended leaf: Colors A & B for the main color/skinner blend in the leaf; Color C for the veins and border. Two colors will make a solid color leaf: Color A for the solid leaf color and Color B for the veins and border.
* Tools: You’ll need a sharp clay slicing blade and your pasta machine.
Christie recommends looking at Studio Bijou’s gorgeous jewelry to get inspired. Who knew leaves could be so colorful?!