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June 2007 Meeting Notes

Cassy's MagnetOur leaf cane demonstration went great — with various members “catching the caning bug.” Pictures are available on our Flickr! group — & thanks to our new group photographer, April, we even have pictures from during the meeting! Thanks to everyone who came, and thanks especially to Christie Wright of DragonflyLane for doing a great job teaching.
A few notes from the business portion of our meeting:
* Our next play day will be held June 30 — but it’s being held at a new time and place! Angela has offered to host the June Play Day at her house, starting at 5 p.m. and continuing as long as folks want to stay. We’ll plan to have some snacks & drinks available — if you have something special you’d like, please bring it. And bring a couple of bucks if you’re interested in pitching in for pizza. We thought we’d try having the play day at a home so our time isn’t as limited. Hope you’ll come join the polymer clay party!

* We’re still interested in finding another place to meet on a more permanent basis, since the Hobby Lobby room has both size and time limitations. If you have suggestions for a school, church, bank, or other meeting room, *please* let us know. We very much prefer a free place.
* The group now has 9 paid members.
* Angela mentioned starting a guild library, now that we have some dues money in our bank account. She suggested we build up our library by taking recommendations from members about books they’re interested in. Every couple of months, one of those suggestions will be randomly selected and we’ll purchase it for our library. These books will be available to check out between meetings, with dues charged for any books that are returned late. Christie offered to be our first guild librarian.
* April has offered to be our guild photographer.
* We discussed upcoming meetings:
* June 30: Our play day will not have an official project — but if folks would like to bring the canes they created during the leaf cane meeting to make something, that’d be fun.
* July 14: Penni Jo and Sue will teach the group how to use polymer clay and UTEE to make an accordion book.
* August 11: April will be showing the group some Christi Friessen-inspired sculpture work.
* September 8: Angela will be demonstrating how to make polymer clay Artist Trading Cards
* Other possible meeting ideas discussed were lessons on using resin and on cleaning your pasta machine.